Five Pairs of Shoes You Need to Get Through a Long Island Winter

We are in the heart of the winter season here on Long Island. And with the varying weather patterns, correct shoe choice is key in the morning. So here are five shoe suggestions for every mood and weather situation.

Knee High Boots

Any knee-high boots are your standard shoe for day-to-day activities during a cold Long Island winter. They are high enough to keep your legs warm in the wind and sturdy enough to wear in any weather. Since Long Island has often changing weather patterns, these are a safe bet when you are putting together your outfit in the morning.

Combat Boots

Sometimes you need tougher and sturdier shoes when you are not sure what the weather is going to bring. Combat boots can be a safe option when you feel like having good treads, but cute boots.

Thigh High Boots

Thigh high boots are the latest trend in footwear and a great choice if you are feeling trendy. These boots are nice to keep your legs warm on extra windy days and extremely cute on top of that. But if your boots have heels like mine make sure to be careful if the weather is bad!

Booties with Heels

On days when you are more confident about the weather on the island, heeled booties are the way to go. These dress up any outfit when you have an important event or class presentation. But you have to be careful of the weather whenever you wear heels!

Snow Boots

Snow boots are the most practical of all shoes for rough winter seasons. No matter the weather—snow, ice, or rain—these shoes can handle anything. It is almost impossible to get through a winter season on Long Island without some kind of waterproof shoes.

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