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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

One of the most challenging parts of being a college student is getting up early to make it to class on time. If you wake up late, not only do you have to get ready quickly, but you also have to run to class. The difficulty of being tired and running late is often the most discouraging. Having the right music allows people to make it to class on time – and in a good mood. Here are five artists you should consider listening to when you are running late.  

AIdan BIsseTT

Twenty-one and from Portland, OR, Bissett helped build his career on TikTok. He started performing music with a band when he was about fifteen years old, but they eventually broke up. Soon after, he began posting music on his social media account and drawing attention to his music. His music is similar to that of Conan Gray and 5 Seconds of Summer. He recently released an EP and has been touring for the past month.

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Maude Latour

From Sweden but currently living in NYC, Latour rose to popularity when she began uploading her music to TikTok in 2020. She originally began making music while living in Hong Kong but started to take it seriously when she moved to the city. She graduated from Columbia University in 2022 with a degree in philosophy. Her music is a mix of bedroom pop and indie pop. She can divulge the one thing that fans love: vulnerability. Many people have found her music through Kacey Musgraves and Holly Humberstone, both prominent artists in the pop and country worlds.

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Giant Rooks

Giant Rooks is an indie rock/pop band from Germany. They have been together as a band since 2014, and their first EP dropped in 2015, which was self-released. In 2022, they released a cover of Tom Diner, which went viral and landed them on the official singles chart. They have completed tours in the United States with Milky Chance and Louis Tomlinson. Their next album is set to release in February 2024, and soon after they will embark on another US tour, this time as headliners. The band has stated that they have found inspiration from older rock artists like Bob Dylan but also take inspiration from other artists like James Blake.

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Ella Jane

Reigning from New York, Ella Jane began playing music at the age of four with her father, who was a jazz pianist. She didn’t begin to take music seriously until the pandemic in 2020, when she attended Tufts University as an English major. Later, she released her first EP, “Nothing Else I Could Do,” which had several viral songs included on it. She was signed to the label Fader before releasing her debut album in 2021. Her song was included in the soundtrack for season one of the hit Netflix series, Heartstopper. She now has two albums and an EP released. She takes her inspiration from many female pop artists, including Taylor Swift and Lorde.

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Thomas Headon

Headon, from Britain, is based in London, where he is pursuing a music career. He grew up in Australia but moved back to London in 2019. He has been making music for as long as he can remember but only started taking music seriously in 2019. He currently has three EPs released and has supported Only the Poets and Sigrid on European tours. He has also played venues across the US. Many people acclaim that his style of music is similar to both Harry Styles and The 1975.     

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All of these artists have different creative processes, but their music is upbeat and fun to dance to. Hopefully, now that you have been introduced to them, you will be able to listen to their music on your way to class, as a way to uplift your day!

Joanna Dugroo

Hofstra '26

Joanna is a sophomore music business student studying at Hofstra University on Long Island. She has a passion for pop culture, music, reading, and theatre!