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First Impressions: Hunter for Target collection

I have always wanted a pair of Hunter boots, but was never comfortable splurging on a shoe that I would only use when it rained. So when I heard that Hunter was collaborating with one of my favorite stores ever – Target, of course – I became very excited, very fast. When the collection finally dropped in April, I decided that I would go scope out my local Target to see what was available.

Before I begin my first impressions review, I want to state that my local Target is currently under construction and is a hot mess, so that may account for my experience.

At first glance, the collection display was messy and underwhelming. Again, this may be because my Target is undergoing a makeover, but it was still semi-disappointing.

I first migrated to the boots, obviously. I was happy with the quality and style of the boots, they just did not have a variety of sizes. Also, the kids’, women’s, and men’s stuff were all mixed up together. I couldn’t try any of the boots on since my size was unavailable. I was happy with the prices of the boots, and I am actually considering buying them IF they ever have my size. $40 for the tall boots, $35 for the ankle boots.


They had a lot of apparel, and I would say that the collection mostly consists of apparel items. There were tops, shorts, coverups, rain jackets, and other clothing articles. Again, all of the categories were mixed up so I couldn’t tell what was kid-sized and what was women’s sized and so on.

My favorite things were the two jackets pictured below. They were extremely cute and ran a little on the bigger side, but I like that fit in outerwear. The prices were a little high, but I expected this since the Hunter name was on it. It was $45 for both the khaki jacket and the grey/transparent jacket. I couldn’t decide which jacket was my favorite, but there was something about the transparent raincoat that I was obsessed with. For reference, I am wearing a small in the khaki and an extra small in the transparent. I am 5’4.

A cute detail that I noticed on a few of the apparel items were these Target embellishments as the buttons or zips on certain items. I thought it was subtle and clever!

Most of the other apparel seemed to be geared for outdoor/by the water wear, but there were some outlandish things, like this strange windbreaker-material-romper-thing. I don’t know what is going on with this, but I can certainly say that you will not catch me wearing this at the next family BBQ.

The collection also included a few random items like frisbees and travel hammocks. All of the pieces were pretty much made to be used for the outdoors, which is fitting not only because Hunter is known for their weather wear, but because nice weather is on the way and people will be spending more time outside.

Overall, I think this collection is kind of difficult to get your hands on and is a little underwhelming. However, there are some stand out pieces that I definitely have my eye on!

Gia Tims

Hofstra '20

Gia is a double major in journalism and Italian at Hofstra University. She is obsessed with yoga, pugs, Friends and Target runs. Gia loves writing and hopes to live in NYC one day to fulfill her dream of becoming a journalist! Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @giatims
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