Feelings You Have The First Week Back at School

We did it. We have survived the first week of classes. Congratulations, this is debatably the hardest week of the semester, after finals. The first week back is always rough. Getting back into the swing of things after a long summer off is no easy task. Instead of lazy days lounging around, our days are now filled with work, class, extracurricular activities, homework and other random resume builders. If you’re feeling like you barely made it out of the first week of classes alive, this article is for you.


Buying all of your new school supplies and feeling ~so prepared~ to take on the new semester.

The buildup of excitement the night before you start all of your classes and see all of your friends again.

When your alarm goes off and you realize it’s actually morning and you have to get up and be a person.

Fully dressed and ready to walk out the door, you start contemplating what you are about to get yourself into.

Sitting down in class and the professor starts rambling off due dates and expectations for the semester.

Making it through your first two classes and wondering when nap time is.

Meeting up with all of your girls for the first time since May and feeling good.

After finally completing your first full day of classes, you're mentally check out, for like the next month. ~Wake me when September ends~

Club meetings make you super excited to meet new people and get back to working with organizations you love.

Realizing your back to eating campus food again and dying a little bit inside.

Finally making it to the end of the week, feeling a comdination of stress, exhaustion and fear. How on earth are we going to do this for the next four months?