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With fall officially here, not only does that mean Halloween, but all the fun fall activities that come with it. For those who are away from home for the first time, or are missing the exciting activities done with family, it may seem as if those classic fall traditions you had are impossible to do. As much as you may either be in a new environment, or away from the familiarity of your home, there are still fun, easy ways for you to keep up those traditions, even in college.

1. Apple Picking

Nothing says fall like getting together with your closest friends and driving down to the apple orchard. Once you are done, the fun is not over yet. With a bag full of apples, and of course some fresh cider doughnuts! You can turn this healthy snack into some tasty treats. You, your friends or roommates can practice your baking skills through homemade apple pie or apple crumble. This is not only inexpensive but a great way to bond and create lasting memories with your friends.

2.Pumpkin Carving

If you are looking for ways to make new friends or bond with the peers in your building, have a pumpkin carving party. Nothing gets people more excited for Halloween than carving pumpkins. Either by going to a pumpkin patch or even just picking up some pumpkins, you are able to get together with your friends to prepare for the incoming holiday. After gathering your pumpkins, put on some music, get some good snacks and carve away. Afterward, you not only have some great pumpkin seeds to bake but some cute (or scary) pumpkins for decoration.

3. Scary Movie Marathon

Pop some popcorn, gather together your friends and/or roommates and prepare for a night of horror. Nothing will get you in the fall spirit more than cozying up with your favorite people and some quality movies. Keep it creepy with movies like The Conjuring or throwback with classic movies like Halloweentown.

4.Halloween Party

Nothing says Halloween like a fun costume party. Whether it’s DIY or bought from the store, find your perfect Halloween costume and go out with your friends. If you really want to go all out, then throw your own Halloween party. Get some good snacks, great music, and fun people and have a good time.

Just because it is fall in college, does not mean that you cannot still keep up with fall traditions. Sure, it may not be with family and friends from home, but you can still have a great time with your closest friends. Whether it’s going out apple picking or staying in watching some scary movies, do not let fall just pass you by embrace every moment of it.


Rylee Johnston is senior at Hofstra University studying  journalism. She has a passion for traveling and entertainment, and even spent four months abroad in London. When she isn't blogging about her travels, you can find her watching The Bachelor or planning her next adventure. Follow her on Instagram @ryleejuanita.
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