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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Fall is here, and so are the fall aesthetics. The perfect fall fashion trend to try is Dark Academia. Dark academia is an aesthetic that revolves around higher education, the arts, and literature. The style first emerged on Tumblr but has expanded across social media. Dark academia features fashion associated with exclusive universities and preparatory schools. Dark academia outfits are perfect for visits to museums, libraries and coffee shops. 


Plaid or neutral-colored blazers will bring out your inner academic and are an easy addition is any dark academic outfit. Forever 21’s Peak Lapel Blazer ($38) comes in brown, black, and camel. 

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Collared blouses are a dark academia staple. The Antique White Ruffle Bow Girls Woven Button-Up ($18.83) from Hot Topic will have you ready. The black heart-shaped buttons and velvet string in a bow add the perfect feminine flair. 

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What’s more academic than a plaid skirt? Whether it be an a-line mini cut or floor-length maxi, plaid skirts are the way to go for fall. The Cider Tweed Mid Waist Check Mini Skirt ($18) is both affordable and cute. There is even a matching blazer available.

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Uniqlo has your dark academia needs covered with the Wide-Fit Pleated Pants ($39.90). They come in black, gray, natural, beige, and olive. 

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The Truffle Collection wide-fit chunky lace-up shoes with exaggerated sole in black ($49) from ASOS will have you in style without breaking the bank. These shoes + you = solemates. 

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Sweater weather here you come. Knit sweaters are quintessential for fall and even more for dark academia. The Women’s Sonoma Goods For Life® Chunky Crew Neck Sweater ($15.99) from Kohl’s comes in a variety of colors. Knit sweaters are also good layering pieces for over your collard blouses


Add these six Dark Academia inspired pieces to your closet to look your best this fall.