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Essential Apps for Travel

Vacation can be stressful, from finding places to eat, things to do, to coordinating how to even get there. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps to make traveling a breeze and make your vacation actually feel like a vacation. Quickly things can go wrong if you don’t plan in advance and utilize all the resources out there created specifically to make your trip relaxing. 


This one is pretty obvious, but make sure you have this downloaded and working before you go anywhere! If you are traveling internationally look up international equivalents and download those, too! Include any cab company phone numbers and make sure those are saved in your phone to reduce stress for finding a car. Check with your airline because some partnered with Uber or Lyft and you can earn airline miles for using the linked service. 

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If hotels are way too expensive, or you want a little more independence plan ahead and use Airbnb for a less expensive stay and you will feel even more like a local! This is essential to feeling more immersed in the place you are in and at a lower cost. 

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Google Translate

If you are traveling out of the country this will be so helpful for you! Especially if this country does not use English, Google Translate can help you figure out the local transportation system, name the food, and find your way around. 

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If you are renting a car, you will need Waze to help you get around a new city. It even warns you where the cops are and can help you plan any stops for food. It is essential for navigating everywhere.

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Yelp will find you food and entertainment in your area and you can filter by rating, if they offer delivery, or even cost so you can properly plan and budget your entire trip. This helps you find the best places in whatever area you are in quickly. 

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Your Airline’s App

Download your airline’s app if you are flying because you often can view your boarding pass and you don’t have to stress about losing it. You can even check into your flight sooner bumping you up on the upgrade list and if any gate changes happen it will all be right on your phone. It makes flying so much easier, I promise!

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Google Photos

Download the Google Photos app, create a Gmail just for your photos, and then turn on automatic uploads and BAM! All your photos automatically backup to Google and you never run out of space on your phone for your vacation photos. This will save you a ton of trouble so your memory never runs out when capturing the perfect moments from your vacation. 

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You are going to take hundreds of photos on your vacation, use Chatbooks to automatically turn your photo memories into photo books for a low cost with almost no effort. They are great on a coffee table to look back on your vacation memories! This makes it so easy to commemorate your vacation with almost no work. 

When traveling there is so much more than just how to get to and from your destination and these apps make your vacation a breeze and reduce any travel stress. Make the most out of your trip by making sure your photos are safe and stored, finding the most authentic food, and staying in the best hotel is all made easier with these essential travel apps. 

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