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The Emotions Leaving College for Summer Break Summed Up in Gifs

Its that time of year again: the transition from college to summer break.  When were in school we cant wait for summer, yet when summer comes around we cant wait for school to be back so we can be back with our friends! So in spirit of the transition, here are some gifs that accurately illustrate those feelings we all experience when it comes around to this time.


1. The urge to dance

Its time to get my tan on!

2. Excitement
I get to go home to my parents cooking!
3. Elation
Oh yeah, no more homework!
4. Confidence
Were gonna have the best summer ever!
5. Giddy

Are you thinking what Im thinking? GIRLS NIGHT!


6. Surprise

Waityou going home to *insert state here*?!

7. Confusion

Youre still going to visit so we can hang out right? No?

8. Denial

I dont want to leave anymore!


9. Sadness

Im gonna miss you so much!


10. Love

Its okay, Ill see you soon! I love you!


Happy summer everyone!

Aspiring journalist at Hofstra University with a passion for pop culture and music.
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