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Easy Spring Hairstyles

Spring break is here! No matter if you’re on the beach or just at home, your hair should get its time to shine! It doesn’t have to take much time or effort to create awesome hairstyles. Here are some easy hairstyles you should rock over spring break!Gif via giphy.com

1. Hanging out with friends? Try this simple braided half-updo!

2. This cross-braided hairstyle is cute and simple!

3. Put a twist on normal French braids with these French braid pigtails:

4. Spice up a classic ponytail with some fun twists.

5. Try a simple messy bun that is perfect for a lazy day!

6. Try this unique double-bun look:

7. Test your braiding skills with this braided bun!

8. Want your hair out of your face? Pull it up into this half-up bun.

9. This half-up goes perfect with beach waves:

10. The simplest hairstyle of all, just let your hair down!

Have a great spring break, and happy braiding!!!

Gif via giphy.com

Cover image via pexels.com

Paige Strout is a senior journalism major and the Vice President of Hofstra University's Her Campus chapter. Since joining her freshman year, Paige has held the positions of Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Story Editor. She aspires to be an entertainment/fashion writer and hopes to one day become a Spice Girl.
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