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Like most of the world, I am a HUGE Stranger Things fan. I watched season one multiple times, and binge-watched season two in one day! Not only do I love the characters and the fun 80's references, but I also love the fashion. Each character has a signature look that perfectly fits their personality and character development. I loved their style so much that I thought, why not try to incorporate their looks into my own wardrobe? Here are looks inspired by some of the female characters of "Stranger Things" from seasons one and two, but don't worry, this article is spoiler-free.



Nancy and I have one thing in common when it comes to style, we love sweaters! Since both seasons of the show are set in the fall and winter, the characters wear lots of layers. Nancy specifically wears an abundance of sweaters that I would love to own. Here is how to get some of my favorite Nancy looks!

The best way I would describe Nancy's style is comfy and simplistic, but not boring. This outfit from season one, episode three is one of my favorites. I could definitely see myself wearing this if I lived in the 80's. 


Get this look:


Nancy's style developed as her character matured in season two. This look is easy to replicate but instead of the brown flats she wears, swap in a pair of brown Chelsea boots for a more modern look. 

Get this look:


My final Nancy inspired look is her monster-hunting outfit from season one, episodes five and six. I love her red shearling jacket so much! Once you've got the outfit, pull your hair up into a ponytail and add the ultimate 80's accessory, a scrunchie! Don't forget your fingerless gloves and a baseball bat, and keep an eye out for any Demogorgons.



Get this look:



Max, aka "MADMAX", is one of the new characters from season two. I love Max and her friendship with the other kids. She is a total tomboy and her clothes reflect that. She dresses as comfy as possible and likes bright colors and patterns. Her style is simple, striped, sporty, and bright!

Max wears a lot of track jackets and sweatshirts, usually layered with a striped or graphic t-shirt. She is almost always wearing basic jeans and a pair of sneakers. Her outfits are perfect for riding her skateboard, going to the arcade, and fighting creatures from the Upside Down.

Get this look:


Get this look:



I wouldn't exactly say that Eleven, or El for short, has a specific style since most of her clothes are given to her. Instead, I'm going to show you how to modernize some of Eleven's famous outfits!

First up is her iconic pink dress. On the show, the dress is a hand-me-down of Nancy's. Pair a light pink dress with a blue bomber jacket and you've got an Eleven inspired outfit—don't forget your box of Eggos!

Get this look:


I couldn't forget to include Eleven's new punk look from season two. This outfit screams badass 80's style! Get this look with a black distressed t-shirt, a black blazer (with shoulder pads of course), and light wash jeans, For a modern look, substitute high white socks and sneakers for black combat boots. Slick your hair back and rock some dark eyeshadow to complete the ensemble.

Get this look:


The final Eleven look I'm going to feature is from season two. I love her punk look, but this casual outfit is my favorite and far more wearable. This is the perfect cozy look for a chilly fall day!

Get this look:


Happy shopping!

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