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Dos and Don’ts of Sorority Recruitment


Greek recruitment is upon us! Thinking about going Greek? Read these Dos and Don’ts before you start recruitment (Round Robin at Hofstra is on February 11th)! Sisterhood is for life, so read these tips and make sure you get the best experience you can.



Follow your gut.

It may sound cliché, but when it comes to finding the right sisterhood for you, you’ll know in your gut where you belong. It is all about feeling comfortable. If conversation with the sisters flows naturally, you have a lot in common with them, and you feel like you could see yourself spending time with them, it’s probably a good fit.

Be honest.

When you talk to the sisters in the sorority, don’t tell lies or exaggerations to impress them. One day, they may be your sisters and you want them to know the real you! If they can’t accept you for you, then do you really want them to be your sisters?

Ask questions.

The process of recruitment, new member education, and even sororities in general is new for many people—and all the sisters know that! So don’t be shy. Ask any questions you have. You don’t want to be blindsided by something you don’t know halfway through the process.



Join just for the letters.

Joining a sorority is a big commitment! From fundraisers for philanthropies to spending time with all your sisters to social events, you can expect to spend two to five nights of the week (or more) doing things with your sorority. So don’t join just so you can wear a cool looking t-shirt with Greek letters on it. There is so much more to Greek life than that.

Listen to previous judgments on any one sorority.

Give every sorority a fair chance. You shouldn’t let any rumors you’ve heard affect your opinion of an organization. And even if you’ve had your heart set on one sorority from the beginning, keep an open mind. Maybe there’s one out there that’s even better.

Get too discouraged if you don’t get a bid from the sorority you want!

There are a lot of girls who go out for recruitment. Often it’s hard for the sorority to pick the girls they want. Just because you didn’t get a bid, it doesn’t meant they don’t like you. If you’re determined to be in a sisterhood, wait until next semester and try again! And definitely don’t settle. If you get a bid from a sorority you don’t feel one hundred percent about, you don’t have to take it.




Recruitment: Called ‘rush’ at some schools. It is the period of time when organizations are looking for new members.

New Member Education: The period of time when the girls selected by a sorority to become sisters get to know the girls and learn about the traditions. Comes before formal initiation into the sorority.

Bid: A formal invite from a sorority to become a new member.

Emma is a sophomore at Hofstra studying journalism, political science, and dance. She dreams to one day be an anchor on The Today Show or be a writer on The Colbert Report. Her hometown is the small touristy Mystic, CT. She is a member of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. Her favorite color is sparkle.
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