Don't Be Afraid to Grow Out of A Friendship, Especially in College

It's safe to say that almost everyone has experienced some kind of fallout with someone they had previously considered a "best friend". It happens all the time. You sometimes realize that the people closest to you may not have your best intentions at heart and other times it may be for the simple reason of growing out of a friendship. Friendships come and go and for the most part, it's for the best. College is a time where people grow and expand their horizons. You meet people, you experience a new aspect of life and you're immersed in a completely different environment where you are truly an adult. Big stepping stones in life mean big changes. 

white long sleeve shirt sitting on grass Photo by Keira Burton from Pexels For some people, their high school best friend is always at their side and they each grow with one another. They are able to connect even while expanding their perspectives. Other times, things get hard and communication becomes strained. It's important to remember everyone is different and you don't need to force relationships from the past. College is where you have a chance to find yourself and realize what it is you want in friendships. Don't be afraid to turn your back on people that may not fit your standard.  ​

In college, you meet so many people that the experiences you gain help you create your own group of close-knit friends who are always going to be there for you and treat you the way you deserve. Wanting the best for yourself is not selfish, but the bare minimum. Make sure to ask yourself if the friendship that you believe isn't quite working as it may have in the past, is worth saving. Don't be afraid to move on and realize that you may have grown out of that person and you are on a different path.

picnic, girls night, fun Photo by Aline Viana Prado from Pexels Remember that you don't have to cut someone out of your life entirely even if you realize you've outgrown the relationship. It's your choice whether you want to stick around or find your own way. There's also an aspect of staying acquaintances with the person you no longer believe to be compatible with you. Keep in touch, catch up at times but keep remember who you want at your side. ​

three silhouettes in orange sunset Photo by Levi Guzman from Unsplash

Keep an open mind! Friendships come in all different forms and while you may go for one friend for advice, you may go to another for support. It all depends on you. If you find yourself questioning your friendships or your role in a relationship, don't be afraid to look at the possibility of moving forward and leaving some people in the past. Allowing yourself to grow and feel comfortable with the relationships you have will help you in your journey through college and beyond.