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Graduation is quickly approaching and whether you’re trying to get cute gifts on a budget or just feel like personal projects speak to your soul, DIY graduation gifts are the way to go this year! Here is a list of some of the most clever and adorable gift ideas that you can make for your friends on graduation day:

MoneyEvery student loves cash, so here are a few ideas to help you spread the wealth this year!

Here’s to taking the work out of gift shopping!

DrinksGraduation is a time for celebration and who could celebrate without a little bottle of something special? Bottoms up!



If your friend has a bit of a sweet tooth, consider giving her candies or chocolates as a graduation gift!



If you want to make something a little more personal for your friends, consider giving them a collage of your favorite pictures together, quotes or other things that reflect your friendship!

No matter where they go in the world, or what they do with the rest of their lives, they’ll always have you.

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