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Disney Princess-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Just admit it; you have always dreamt about becoming a Disney princess. Who wouldn’t?  From having fairy godmothers, mice that help with chores, perfect hair, a flawless complexion, and the freedom to break out in song, Disney princesses live the dream. As Halloween approaches grab your tiara and live out your life long destiny, even if it only last ‘till midnight!

For all the sea loving mermaids at Hofstra, Ariel is the way to go. Instead of just wearing a simple bikini top, a Disney Princess always channels her inner “fashionista” to spice up her look.  A cute purple crop top and a flowing skirt will capture Ariel’s style. Add some fun accessories and a red lip and your costume is Ariel approved.

Don’t let a poisonous apple keep you from being Snow White. Match her trademark style with a cute yellow skirt and a fitted blue top. Add a red lip and rosy cheeks to become the “fairest in the land”!

Human or frog, Tiana shows us that love exists in either form. Tiana wears a gorgeous green dress at her wedding that can be replicated with a pleated green skirt and lacy green top. Deck out your outfit with frog accessories and don’t forget a tiara!

Who needs a fairy godmother when a girl has Forever 21? A blue skirt and a lace white peplum top captures Cinderella’s classic look. Add a blue headband to your perfected top bun and you’re ready for the ball. Don’t forget about Cinderella’s pink lip and most importantly her glass slippers. Exchange the high heels for a pair of comfy sparkly flats so you can painlessly dance the night away with your Prince Charming!

MN native navigating NY one selfie at a time. Senior Journalism student at Hofstra University and current HC Chapter Advisor.
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