Dear First Boyfriend...


Dear First Boyfriend,

I would like to start by saying thank you. Because of you, I know what I want in a boyfriend, and it’s not you.

Thank you for showing me that I am stronger than I knew I was. I used to observe failed relationships around me, asking myself “Why are you with him?” But I also saw these successful, happy relationships and told myself I was going to find that one day.

Then I met you. I was excited, I was happy at first, thinking someone likes me; it’s going to go well. But I was smart, I knew to be strong and never let my feelings get the best of me.

I came into this relationship with people telling me I came first, my happiness mattered, and that I should never let a man bring me down. And that, my ex-lover, was the perfect product of something that could easily go wrong, and you nailed that to a tee.

When things took a turn for the worst, I hoped we could make a U-turn and everything would be okay. But, you kept digging yourself deeper into a hole. I realized in a relationship people are going to argue, but nothing was ever resolved. I guess that goes to show I needed a more mature man.

And it’s not like you were awful. You were a good first boyfriend. You showed me the ropes of long distance, how to handle tough times, and how to survive on my own without the support of someone I care about.

Now I’m walking away with my head high, a true smile on my face and a new found enjoyment of life. You opened my eyes to a beautiful view, one where I see the world in a different way, showing me a new discovery. And that discovery - I’d rather be on my own than drag you along with me.

For the constant stress and constant pain, you were worth it all. Because of you, I am a better person, a stronger person, and a woman who doesn’t let a man ruin her happiness.