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Dan Johnson ’15

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Age: 20

Birthday: November 10th

Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Washington, DC.

Class Standing: Junior

Major/Minor: TV Producing and Screen Writing / English

Favorite Food: I like Gyros a lot. I feel like my blood stops and I’m going to die right after eating them but they’re good.  It’s great in NYC with all the carts.  I’ve even seen one randomly on the turnpike sometimes.

Hobbies: I watch a lot of TV.  Well more like Netflix. Netflix is my hobby, no matter how embarrassing that sounds.

Campus Involvement: I’m the Vice President of Ha Ha Hofstra, the stand-up comedy club. And I am the co-troop leader of Tequila Mocking Bird, the improv comedy club on campus. Right now I am associate producer of Thursday Night Live, Hofstra’s version on SNL. It’s great to meet once a week and just pitch ideas and be stupid together. Everyone loves each other. It’s fun.

Favorite Feature & Quality in Yourself: People tell me I have good hair.  It’s messy right now but usually its nice and . I use about half a can of hairspray every day and that is not an exaggeration. I’m like the only guy I know that uses hairspray.  I have to go into a girl section in the store and find it. I feel like Ron Burgundy.  My favorite quality would be that I guess I’m funny. I think I’m borderline funny and annoying. Some people might find me funny and others will be like ehhh.

Favorite Feature and Quality in a Partner: My favorite feature would be eyes. I like eyes.  Favorite quality would be someone who doesn’t really care too much. Someone who is careless in that when crazy things are happening, they can go with the flow. Be spontaneous. Not too structured or strict. If that makes sense.

Ideal Perfect Date: I’ve never thought of this. And I’m terrible with dates too. I’ll take a girl to the same spot all the time.  But as far as the ideal date, I think it’s more about the person.  I just want to go on a date with someone I really care about. I like good quality time.  Good conversation and unexpected things happening is always fun.  It’s cool to text them a week later like “Hey, remember when we were chilling and this happened..” And we both bust out laughing.

Worst Date: I went on one date with a girl in high school and my dad came to pick me up. He had just finished a run and was all sweaty in short running shorts.  And he’s a total nerd.  He’s literally a rocket scientist and builds rockets for a living. So this nerdy guy goes up to my date and says “I would give you a hug but I’m really sweaty so here’s a ‘Virtual Hug!’” And he put his arms out and basically hugged the air.  I put my head in my hands because I was so embarrassed.

Pet Peeves: Complainers.  I hate when someone is always complaining about something instead of doing something about it. And then I have little pet peeves like hearing people chew food and whispering. Most of the time you can’t even hear what they are saying, it’s just hot breath in your ears.

With $1 million: Honestly I would pay off student loans and then buy a nice apartment in a decent area.  But if I could splurge, I would travel to Australia and hang out. I would go for our winter which is their summer. And then a couple months later, come back.  However, I don’t know how that would work because I’m terrified of planes.  I’m not afraid of crashing but just the thought of all this space between me and the ground freaks me out.

If you were stranded on an island, what 1 item would you need: Netflix. I could be on an island and not even know it because I would be glued to my screen.  Maybe once I get thirsty and look up, I’ll realize I’m stranded.

In 10 years: I hope to be living in the Lower East Side; working at 30 Rock would be awesome.