The Cute and Practical Rainboots You Need This Spring

If I have learned anything during my first year on Long Island, it is that MAN does it rain here! After my first fall where we got more rain than snow, I was so thankful for my rainboots I bought a few more pairs to diversify my options. I was even more grateful for this after my first Nor’easter this spring and the many that have followed! Moral of the story: buy all the rainboots because they are functional AND fashionable! 

These Classic Essentials

I am a huge fan of the Hunter Boots, I have a pair myself and I LOVE them! The cute and super functional combination along with the totally warm and adorable Hunter Boot Socks make these a great splurge that will last you a lifetime. 

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These low cost, high cuteness alternatives

It can be hard to spend $200 on rainboots, especially as a broke college student. These knockoffs at Target work just as well and if you wanted the name brand, you could buy the Hunter Boot Socks to pop into these boots and no one will ever know. 

Product image from Target

These Chelsea boots

I have a pair of Chelsea rain boots and I love having the option for a shorter boot and sometimes add a little heel instead of going for a tall wellie! 

Product image from DSW.

These adorable bow-backed boots

Not everything in your wardrobe has to be black, and adding a fun pop of color into your outfit with colorful boots is an easy way to do it. I love almost everything from Joules, they have the cutest designs and they are very functional and you can switch out the bow for a different color if you want! 

These perfectly striped boots

It’s hard to beat classic stripes, and nothing says Wellington Boots more than some British stripes right? 

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These mock riding boots

Leather riding boots do not like the rain, trust me. I love these boots because they are mock riding boots so they have that classic riding boot look but the rain won’t totally destroy your boots! 

Product image from DSW.

These duck boots

I love a good duck boot and Sperry Top-Sider’s has the best duck boots in my opinion. They are great because they are good in the snow, rain, sleet or chilly sunshine and pair perfectly with a flannel! 

Product image from DSW

Pick up a pair (or seven) of these adorable shoes to keep you dry and stylish through this rainy spring on Long Island. The investment will be worth it!

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