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Cristina’s ByteOfFashion: Half-Up Topknot

As full time college students, it’s easy to care less about your looks. We all want to look good with the least amount of work possible. I caught up with Emily Levine, a sophomore public relations major. Her effortless hairstyle has been a trend beyond Hofstra’s campus.

“This is perfect when you’re having a bad hair day or stayed up too late the night before. ”-Emily Levine

       Quick Tips:

1.     Pull the top half of your hair back

2.     Twist it into a tiny bun

3.     Secure with a hair tie or bobby pins

Three half-up topknot looks:

Cristina is a Journalism student at Hofstra University. She enjoys expanding her knowledge in various fields and minors in information technology, graphic design, and global studies. On her free time, she enjoys blogging about fashion and beauty and one day hopes to use her bilingual skills to contribute to the growing hispanic U.S. market. During Spring 2016, Cristina studied abroad in Europe and strongly believes in all countries learning and working together. For more of Cristina's check out her lifestyle blog, www.byteoffashion.com or follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/byteoffashion/
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