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Cristina’s ByteOfFashion: Espadrilles

Walk into a shoe store right now or scroll down on a fashion newsfeed. You’ll feel the same way I do, espadrilles are taking over. It’s no doubt that these slip on shoes are a summer trend.  

But first what exactly are espadrilles? Is it some type of Spanish name, a brand, person? What does it mean?  

Espadrilles are simply shoes that have jute sole, an organic thick light brown fiber.  They can be used for any type of shoes but the most popular are flats, platforms or wedges. 

I first spotted espadrilles (before I knew they were even called that) with Chanel flats.

After some researching I found out that Christian Louboutin, Burberry & Dolce & Gabbana are also in on the trend. Too bad the average price of one pair is $300. 

But, lower end brands are always here to save our wallets!  

Steve madden has created a dupe for the tan Chanel espadrille flats. Mainstream fashion stores have also caught onto the trend so you can basically get these shoes anywhere. Have fun shopping!


Chanel vs. Steve Madden


Chanel Shoes

Steve Madden Shoes

These stores also sell espadrilles: Saks, Forever 21,Charlotterusse, American Eagle Outfitters

Cristina is a Journalism student at Hofstra University. She enjoys expanding her knowledge in various fields and minors in information technology, graphic design, and global studies. On her free time, she enjoys blogging about fashion and beauty and one day hopes to use her bilingual skills to contribute to the growing hispanic U.S. market. During Spring 2016, Cristina studied abroad in Europe and strongly believes in all countries learning and working together. For more of Cristina's check out her lifestyle blog, www.byteoffashion.com or follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/byteoffashion/