Cristina’s ByteOfFashion: T-shirt Dresses

Have you ever felt like lounging around your house and wearing an oversized t-shirt with no pants? Or maybe you already do that? Lucky for you now it’s a trend! Fashion is taking one of our most basic items and changing the way we wear it. T-shirt dresses will feed that crave for comfort every college girl wants.


High and low fashion brands are exposing this trend. Rebecca Minkoff and Alexander Wang brought T-shirt dresses to the runway in the Spring 2014 fashion week.

From left to right: Brandy Melville, MissGuided and Brandy Melville

Stores like Brandy Melville and Missguided are known for their t-shirt dresses.

This is an awesome piece of clothing for the spring but it can easily be transitioned into the fall. Style any t-shirt dress with a pair of black knee high socks and boots. I also like wrapping a flannel around my waist. It is trendy and if it gets chilly, I can just throw it on.