Cristina’s ByteOfFashion: Sporty Look

I’ve noticed so many new trends this year and the sporty trend is one of my favorites! Even if you’re not an athlete like myself, you can still pull off this sporty chic look.

Jersey Shirts

Jersey shirts have become so popular this year. You can get them in cotton or jersey material. I think they instantly give you a laid back look.  

Even just the thick black stripes found on many sport uniforms are being used in clothing. Black stripes on the collar or sleeve give any top a sporty vibe.

Jersey dresses

These are my favorite! You can dress it up with a pair of heels or down with some Birkenstocks.

Mesh sweatshirts

The mesh trend goes hand in hand with the sporty look. You will start to see mesh incorporated into many basic items like sweatshirts or cotton dresses.

Varsity Jackets

Whenever I think of this trend, I think of the movie ‘Grease’ in the late 70’s. Fashion is now bringing varsity jackets into a modern look. Take a look above on ways you can style this jacket!