Cristina’s ByteOfFashion: Fanny Packs Are Back

Spring season is right around the corner. That means finally pulling out those high waisted shorts and crop tops. Admit it, we’ve all been working out for months to look good in these. Get ready for music festivals, EDC, Coachella (I’m jealous) and random trips to adventure parks.

But the annoying part is finding a convenient way to store your cell phone, keys, money etc. Good thing fanny packs are back so we won’t have an issue this year!

Buckling a little bag around your waist is not so nerdy anymore. Nicole Richie referred to fanny packs as being “dope.”

The newly designed bags make us actually want to carry these things around and not feel like THAT dad at Disney world.

A fashion tip: Wear fanny packs on the side of your waist rather then centered.