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Cristina’s ByteOfFashion: Capes

When I think of ponchos, I think of myself in 4th grade shopping at Limited Too. I remember buying a cotton light blue poncho with fringes along the side and thinking I was the coolest girl in school. Now, they’re back! Maybe not in this exact style but ponchos are back and honestly it makes me feel old. I’ve lived long enough for a fashion trend to go out of style and come back in. That’s crazy!

But now onto the capes! I think this trend is awesome.  It’s a chic look and is the perfect way to bundle up this season. Fall 2014 fashion runways have been filled with ponchos and capes.


Ok, now lets get real. We all can’t afford to buy these high-end items. Lucky enough, retail stores have caught onto the trend and made them available to us at an affordable price. After searching through various online stores, I was able to put together this collection for you!  



Items from left to right: Forever 21, MissGuided, Forever 21



Items from left to right: Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Topshop

Cristina is a Journalism student at Hofstra University. She enjoys expanding her knowledge in various fields and minors in information technology, graphic design, and global studies. On her free time, she enjoys blogging about fashion and beauty and one day hopes to use her bilingual skills to contribute to the growing hispanic U.S. market. During Spring 2016, Cristina studied abroad in Europe and strongly believes in all countries learning and working together. For more of Cristina's check out her lifestyle blog, www.byteoffashion.com or follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/byteoffashion/
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