Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Roommate's Birthday

Secretly everyone loves their birthday. It is one day every year that you can celebrate you and not the pilgrims or nativity. Here are some ways make your best friend’s birthday super special and creative!


1. Decorate

This is one of the easiest ways to make the day festive. When your roommate is away during class or extracurricular activities make some cute braided streamers to hang over doors or her bed. First get some colored table cloths and begin cutting long strips leaving about a foot of uncut material at the top. Next begin braiding the at the top of the cut strips in sections. Knot after about a foot and VOILA!



You can also make personalized banners with some tape, colored paper, and string. Cut large triangles out of the colored paper and begin writing the phrase with one letter per triangle. Next roll out the string and position the letters along it. Fold over the top of the paper and tape on the back so it hangs off the string. Tack it on the wall and you have your own cute, personalize banner.




2. Food

Getting your friends favorite food not only will make them extremely happy, but shows you know them well. For example, if your friend loves coffee, go grab them a steaming cup of Joe and pair it with a tasty cookie or donut! Or if she loves going out to restaurants, get a few friends together and get a bite to eat at the birthday girl’s favorite place.


3. Activity

Get your roomie’s closest friends together and plan something that will bring everyone together and have an awesome time. A movie night with snacks and drinks is a great way to end the day for the birthday girl. Pop in her favorite movie, cuddle up, and relax! Or if she likes to move, go for some intense glow bowling or out for a night of dancing.



No matter what you decide to plan for your friend’s birthday she will appreciate the thought and have a fantastic birthday!