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Creative Ways to Avoid Boredom While Studying

Studying is something we all hate doing, and if you don’t, then I wish I could be you. Now that it’s time for finals again, you may be worried about getting bored while studying or just simply not wanting to study at all. You should always take breaks when you’re studying, no matter what material it is. Taking frequent breaks may not be enough to prevent study boredom but here are a few things that might make studying more fun and help you ace that exam!


Use Gummy Bears, or Other Treats, as Incentives

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This has to be one of my favorite study ideas. Incentive reading truly does work and can help you get through your reading in that horrible textbook your studying.


Draw Pictures 

Drawing pictures is one of the things that helped me get through my last semester of biology. Being a visual learner, I used my whiteboard to draw out the processes and used different colors for different things. This really helped me during the test because I could remember everything visually. This also helps because rather than just looking at your notes, you’re actually applying the information that you learned. You can take turns doing this with friends and “teach” each other different things to help you understand more as well.


Make a Game Out of Your Study Materials

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Games are a really fun way to retain information—it may not even feel like your studying! Grab a group of friends and start creating a game of your choice. You can make a board game like monopoly and use the cards to quiz each other. Every time one of you gets a question right, you get money. Whoever wins the game gets bought food or something like that. Studying doesn’t have to be boring and make you want to pull your hair out!Photo Courtesy of Shelly Wright


Turn Facts Into a Song

Grab the lyrics of a song you’re really into and fill in some of your facts that you need to study. This will allow you to remember the facts a bit better when you’re in the test and can be fun too! If your studying with friends, try making a dance to go along with it.


Studying doesn’t have to be boring. To avoid burnout, make your next study session more interesting by incorporating some of these ideas into it. Good luck during finals week!

Hannah is currently a junior journalism major and graphic design minor at Hofstra University. She's a small town girl from Vermont who moved to the big city with high hopes and nowhere near enough money. Hannah has a big heart for animals, writing, designing, and Netflix. She is an aspiring journalist who's bucket list includes traveling around the world and working in the magazine industry.
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