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Celeb Spot: Why You Should Watch Santa Clarita Diet

Netflix Original Series Santa Clarita Diet is officially coming back to give us some more sweet gore. After waiting a year for the second season of the twisted tale, viewers will have to do the same for the next 10 episodes, as they will not be available until an undisclosed date in 2019.

For those who do not know, Santa Clarita Diet stars Drew Barrymore (Sheila) and Timothy Olyphant (Joel) as a husband and wife real estate agent dream-team. Their seemingly picturesque suburb life, though, is splattered across the walls like one of Sheila’s early victims of their California home when Sheila suddenly turns into a zombie. The couple, along with their daughter, Abby (Liv Hewston), and Abby’s friend, potential love interest, and neighbor (Skyler Gisondo), have to navigate their way through this gut-filled mess in an attempt to salvage any but of normalcy they can.

Although the show is about to be three seasons deep, some people have not had the chance to enjoy it. Here are the top reasons to watch Santa Clarita Diet.

It’s Gutsy and Cute

Barrymore is known for her light-hearted roles, and don’t let the premise of the show make you think you will be watching another Walking Dead. The show, created by Victor Fresco (who was behind the show My Name is Earl), blends the perfect amount of projectile vomiting, raw organ eating and messy murders with a light, fun attitude to get even the most squeamish of people hooked. The show gives the zombie genre a fresh take, giving viewers something they have never seen before.  

It’s About Family

Pushing the guts to the side, Santa Clarita Diet is all about the strength of a family trying to get through an unforeseen and completely unheard of problem. It shows an extremely committed husband sticking by his wife’s side even though she is trying to devour humans and may get the pair thrown in jail. On the other hand, you see a “sick” wife trying to understand what is going on with her body, and still attempting to be a loving wife and mother. Something really surprising, and almost unbelievable, is how accepting and willing to adapt Abby is most of the time. However, audiences get to see her break down her tough walls at some points through interactions with her mother and neighbor. It is a unique family story of strength and unconditional love, and it definitely pull at the heart strings.

It’s Easy to Watch

If you are looking for a show that you can get attached to, but won’t be scratching at your chest, knee-deep in river of your own tears, Santa Clarita Diet is perfect for you. The show features less than 30-minute episodes that will not require you to sell your heart to the series. Don’t let the light-hearted attitude I am portraying fool you— you will not want to stop watching.  

It’s for all ages

All ages of adults and teenagers can appreciate this show, as there is the husband and wife love dynamic with which married and older viewers can identify, as well as, the neighbor friend/crush situation for young adults and teens. Plus, Santa Clarita Diet is an innocent show, so families can even watch together.


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Skyler Gisondo

Gisondo plays Eric, the neighbor friend/crush mentioned before. He does play a nerdy character, but he comes across as a loveable guy-next door and makes you feel like you could befriend him easily. His acting is sweet, but even sweeter is his endearing smile and gorgeous looks. Watching him on screen is truly a win-win situation.

There is about a year before the next run of episodes comes out, so that gives the perfect opportunity to re-watch the grisly comedy shown in the first two seasons and wait for the excitement that is sure to be in season three. 

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