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Campus Style: Christine Denato

Christine Denato

Class: ‘18

Major: Music Performance

Hometown: Farmingdale, NY

What she’s wearing:

Skirt: Forever 21

Sweater: Macy’s

Shirt: Mandees

Socks: Uniqulo

Tights: Forever 21

Boots: Amazon

What are your favorite clothing stores?My favorite store is Anthropologie because I feel like the clothing is elegant but casual enough to wear on a regular day. I also shop at Macy’s a lot because they have a good variety of clothing. I like to wear prints because they give the outfit a more individual feel, usually I can find an interesting pattern at Macy’s.

What are you most looking forward to with spring style?I’m really looking forward to bright colors and floral prints!

Which celebrity’s closet would you want to raid?I think I would raid Miranda Lambert’s closet. She has the best boots.

Would you have to say boots are your favorite accessory?Boots are definitely my favorite accessory! I like western boots a lot. They’re really comfortable and every pair is different. Some have really elaborate embroidery and others are more classic and simple. I think they can be paired with just about anything.

MN native navigating NY one selfie at a time. Senior Journalism student at Hofstra University and current HC Chapter Advisor.
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