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Campus Celebrity: Luigi Mondi ‘13


Major/minor: Biochemistry/Music


Class Standing: Senior


What are you involved with on campus? On campus, I am a Senior Resident Assistant, Pride Guide, in two a cappella groups, Sigma’cappella and the Dutchmen, and previously I have been an Orientation Leader.


Why did you choose Hofstra?

I chose Hofstra for a large variety of reasons but one of the biggest reasons was because of the location. It’s a perfect distance away from NYC which is great for jobs, internships, and for fun activities. However, it’s in a suburban area so you are still able to have the campus feel without being in a bustling city. 


How do you like being a pride guide? Do you think you are able to help prospective students?

I love being a pride guide. Iv’e had students come back to Hofstra telling me that I was the reason they chose Hofstra over other schools and it’s such a rewarding experience to hear.


As a singer, what do you love about performing?

Does it distract you from the stress of classes and such? – I love performing because it’s a way to get in touch with your vulnerable side and allow you to overcome that vulnerability and turn it into something amazing. Being a biochemistry major, my course load is pretty heavy and having this creative outlet is a great for keeping me sane with all of the stress from classes.  


For incoming freshmen or high school students, what advice would you tell them? My advice for incoming students would be to GET INVOLVED! It’s the best way to make friends doing something you love to do. The people you meet can become some of your closest friends and it gives you a way to do something else other than go to class!


What would be your dream job?

My dream job would be to be a performer on Broadway. Of course, the chances of that happening are very slim so my realistic dream job would be to get involved in the business end of a pharmaceutical company and work my way up the corporate ladder! 

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