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Bromance Alert: Our Favorite Besties in Professional Sports

There’s Obama and Biden, John Mulaney and Pete Davidson, Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper and, of course, who could forget Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Fans love bromances, there’s no question about it. There’s just nothing better than a genuine, heartwarming friendship — especially between two teammates or pro athletes. If you’re in need of a little love, check out some of the best bromances in professional sports below.


Travis Konecny & Nolan Patrick | Philadelphia Flyers

Better known as TK and Patty, these young hockey players have each other’s backs— literally. During a game against the New Jersey Devils, Patty was hit hard from behind and TK came to his defense. The duo were even each other’s wedding dates at teammate Claude Giroux’s wedding.

Gif courtesy of Giphy

Ozzie Albies & Ronald Acuña Jr. | Atlanta Braves

Another pair of young athletes burst on the scene last year in the NL East: Albies and Acuña Jr. These two act more like brothers than teammates, and their dugout antics are almost as entertaining as the baseball game. 


DeMar DeRozan & Kyle Lowry | San Antonio Spurs & Toronto Raptors

This bromance was cut short when DeRozan was traded to the Spurs for Kawhi Leonard. Despite being on different teams, the two NBA studs won’t let distance get in the way of their bromance. However, we can’t help but reminisce about what once was when they were both in Toronto. 


Christian Yelich & Baker Mayfield | Milwaukee Brewers & Cleveland Browns

The only cross-sport bromance on our list is one that captivated the sports world last year. From wearing each other’s jerseys to working out together, this unlikely pair has made one of the most adorable bromances. Case in point, Mayfield calling out Yelich for NL MVP after a press conference last September.

Tobias Harris & Boban Marjanović | Philadelphia 76ers

From Detriot to Los Angeles to Philadelphia, this lovable duo, best known as Tobi and Bobi, is clearly a package deal. Harris even taught Marjanović how to dance. It makes perfect sense that they are being fully embraced in the City of Brotherly Love. 


Joel Embiid & Russell Westbrook | Philadelphia 76ers & Oklahoma City Thunder

Oh man, these two are cutest— just kidding. They actually hate each other, but wouldn’t it be the perfect Hollywood story if Embiid and Westbrook ended up being friends? We’ll let you research this rivalry yourself, but hey, anything’s possible!

Gif courtesy of Giphy

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