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Bootie, Bootie, Bootie, Bootie Rockin’ Into Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Fall has finally arrived and I could not be happier. In addition to the pumpkin spice and everything nice, the chilly weather has always been my absolute favorite for two reasons: sweaters and booties. Whenever I go shopping with my mom, she has to steer me away from the shoe section of any store because I want every single ankle bootie in stock. Yes, I have a problem and I’m aware of it, but I’ve accepted my love of booties. I’m here to show you the five best booties for fall. Let’s make a game of it and count how many times I say bootie.


The Black Chelsea Bootie

Arguably the most popular ankle bootie, the Chelsea bootie became popular once again just a few years ago. The classic style can be paired with any outfit. My Chelsea booties are shiny and pointed-toe AKA the definition of a professional bootie. I paired them last winter with dark wash jeans and a sweater.


The Printed Bootie

Whenever I wear a simple outfit, like a solid color top and jeans, I like to go a little crazy with my footwear. These snakeskin booties from Topshop are such an affordable statement piece. I wear them all the time into the city and after hours of walking, they have never hurt my feet. That’s a win-win in my book.


The Brown Suede Bootie

Like the Chelsea booties, these babies can go with any outfit. They are my go-to when I’m wearing a more casual outfit or a loud-printed sweater. They are perfectly broken-in and have been with me for over two years. That’s a solid bootie for ya.


The Party Bootie

These are my favorite booties that I have ever owned. Without fail, I get complimented on them every time I wear them. Who doesn’t want their feet to sparkle? I’ve done it all in these booties and they always make me happy just looking at them. Just admire how they reflect that light. 


The Fringed Bootie

Fringe is so in! When I spotted these booties at Nordstrom Rack, I fell in love. Although the heel is higher than all the other booties in this post, they are still comfortable to walk in. I basically feel like I’m rocking a catwalk. Similarly to the brown suede booties, these can pair with any outfit because they are a neutral color. The fringe jazzes up any outfit.


These booties were made for walking and that’s just what they’ll do. Booties are an essential fall staple and are the perfect shoe to rock during the fall and winter months. Heck, I usually rock them year round. Put your best bootie forward and own your fall style!

Bootie Word Count: 30

Abby is a senior journalism major and writing studies minor at Hofstra University. At Her Campus Hofstra, she previously held the positions of Vice President and Social Media Director before becoming co-Campus Correspondent. Abby was a social media intern at BeautyRx, a skin care company based in Manhattan, and an editorial intern at Skincare.com, which is owned and operated by L'Oréal Paris.