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Body Mod Blog: Now You See Ink, Now You Don’t

I am all about rocking your tattoos and piercings and letting them out for the world to see. But sometimes there are circumstances where you’ll want to camouflage your tattoos, piercings, or stretched ears. Many people stray away from body modification because it can be very visible, yet it doesn’t always have to be. Here is how you can rock your mods on the down low.

Let’s begin talking about tattoos. Tattoos are one of the most noticeable and permanent forms of body modification. When considering getting a tattoo, you should think about the location in relation to your lifestyle. Some tattoos are inappropriate for certain professions and it is extremely important to think through these permanent decisions. But it is possible to cover a tattoo with a girl’s best friend. Makeup! Kat Von D, tattoo artist and makeup designer has created a Sephora brand of foundations, concealers, and pencils for maximum tattoo camouflage.

Each of the Kat Von D products is designed with specialized pigments for covering black ink tattoos, but can also be incorporated into a flawless face makeup. The key to using a tattoo concealer is layering. One layer in most cases is not going to be enough for full coverage, thus multiple layers of the product are necessary for the full results. By applying a translucent powder before your foundation, you provide a more solid base for foundation. One of the most important aspects of covering a tattoo is matching your skin tone. You want to make sure that your foundation matches the skin around the tattoo as close as possible, so that you can blend properly. Covering a tattoo up should not be an everyday activity but just in case you need to, there is a solution.

Over the past few years, stretched ears have migrated from exclusively worn by scene kids and punks, to a rather common form of body modification. The larger that you go up in millimeter sizes, the more noticeable that your stretched ears become to the world. And while I believe that stretched ears are beautiful, they are not appropriate for every situation. For example, it may be appropriate to be more discrete with your stretched ears for an interview or a family event. Though you never have to substitute style or subtlety. One of the most popular types of plugs is known as a hider and it is perfect for disguising your stretched ears. A hider is a plug with a large frontal flare, which is made to look like a large earring. Popular hiders are in the shape of flowers and can have dangling stones, creating the appearance of a large piece of costume jewelry.  The Etsy brand, The Gauge Queen creates both feminine and price friendly hider plugs that will catch everyone’s eye but won’t scream stretched ears.

Piercings are considered a semi-permanent form of body modification, as you can take them out at any time and they will close up perfectly in most circumstances. Yet if you have piercings and have had to take them out, you know how enormous of a pain it is when you can’t get the jewelry back in and the hole closes up. Luckily, there are such things called retainers. Retainers can take many forms, but all are used to hide or protect a piercing when you take your normal jewelry out.  Clear or skin-tone (yes they make them for ALL SKIN-TONES) body jewelry made of flexible, non-metal materials are perfect for athletes, models, or anyone who wants to hide a piercing for an occasion. Whether it be your nose, eyebrow, lip, lobe, industrial, septum, tongue, or even stretched ears; body jewelry distributers sell retainers at very low prices. So if you are scared about getting a piercing, tattoo, or stretching your ears; just know that coverage is possible for any budget!

Studying Abroad in Firenze, Italy. Current Vice President and Blog Mentor of Her Campus Hofstra. Contributing Writer and Intern at Inked Magazine. A writer of all things body modification, beards, veganism, and feminism related.
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