The ~Best~ Places to Study on Hofstra's Campus

The beginning of May marks the beginning of finals season. Regardless of your major, all college students have a ridiculous amount of papers, projects, and exams coming up in the next few weeks so it's important to have a good place to get your work done. Here are some of the best places to study on Hofstra's campus.


Axinn Library

The library is always a good place to start in terms of where to study. There are a lot of good places to study quietly by yourself or with friends. Some of my favorite places are the cubicles on the first floor, the tables scattered around bookshelves on the fourth through eighth floors, and the tenth floor.


The Second Floor of Breslin Hall

Breslin Hall is really convenient if you're already on South Campus. The second floor has a lot of tables and couches to do your work comfortably. It's also usually pretty quiet while classes are going on. 


C.V. Starr Hall

Another good building to study in is C.V. Starr Hall. The business building has tables on every floor lining the windows. The second floor is usually quiet and has a bunch of tables and comfortable chairs.


Hagadorn Hall 

I know Hagadorn Hall is pretty far out of the way, but if you're already over there or are looking for a good place to study, it's worth checking out! Along the hallways on each floor, there are plenty of desks in little alcoves. You can also study in the main lobby by the café and on the couches by the front door. 


The Student Lounge in Barnard Hall

One of my favorite places to study on campus is Barnard Hall. There's a small, tucked away lounge on the second floor with couches and a table. There aren't usually many people in it and you can often have the whole room to yourself. 



You don't have to waste the warm weather by studying inside. Hofstra has tables and benches all over both North and South Campus. The quad outside of Roosevelt Hall has enough tables that you can usually grab one for yourself or some friends.


Finals season is stressful, but being able to get your work done in a good location that won't be distracting gives you as much time as you can to enjoy the end of the semester. Good luck on finals from all the girls at Her Campus Hofstra! 


All images courtesy of Diana Iscenko.