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Best Nail Salons on Long Island

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

As someone who doesn’t get her nails done super often, finding out the price of my French UV Gel fill-in the other week had me GAGGED. Using a Google Form, Hofstra students were asked to share their favorite nail salons on the island so we could share them with you. Prices listed are based on respondents’ experiences and may vary slightly.

HX Salon

Of course, Hofstra’s on-campus salon had to make the list! Cosmetologists from many different academies make up HX’s workforce. Meaning the talent here is endless. For those don’t drive, the on-campus salon is the perfect place to get your next manicure.

According to the HX Salon page on Hofstra’s website, an acrylic french set is $45 and a normal gel manicure is $25.

Noblesse Nail Spa

Noblesse is located on 7th Street of Garden City – and there are lots of cute shops and cafes to stop into around the salon! The service here is excellent, and there are lots of options, from manicures to facials.

For a dip powder manicure, it costs $60, and for a UV French gel fill, it costs around $80. Noblesse is currently running a 20% off holiday deal, so take advantage of this opportunity while you can!

Victoria’s Nail Salon

For those who don’t have access to a car, Victoria’s is a great option since the Hofstra shuttle can take you to the Roosevelt Field Mall, which is where this salon is located! They also have a location further East in Hicksville.

The Roosevelt Mall location charges $50 for an acrylic set and just $15 for a regular manicure.

Nail obsession

For beautifully detailed nails, check out Nail Obsession!

For acrylic tips, pricing is done by length, which can be found on their Instagram. Designs are priced by nail and fill-ins start at $45.

Angels nail

Another Hempstead recommendation is Angels Nail. Their website’s gallery and Instagram are adorned with highly intricate designs and bold colors.

Gel polish costs around $60 and $30 for a fill in.

Carman Nails

Carman Nails was praised for quality and service, and the Google Reviews agree! Located in Westbury, this salon can do both really simple and really detailed work.

A powder gel manicure costs about $45.

Jolie nail maggie’s sky nail

This East Meadow salon seems to have a few different names across the Internet, but all link back to the right place. Every time you visit you can add to your loyalty card which will add up to a discount.

Our respondent specifically recommended the nail tech named Hannah and said that for a UV gel fill-in, it costs around $45.

jasmine Beauty nail salon

Of the salons on this list, Jasmine’s Nails was recommended the most! Respondents to our survey all complimented the service and talent of the nail techs here, specifically Tiffany, Melo and Jay. If you are someone who usually goes into nail appointments with a reference photo, the techs here will be able to recreate your dream nails incredibly well.

Brianna is a senior at Hofstra University with majors in public relations and mass media studies and a minor in women's studies. She is interested in relationships, mental health, pop culture and media phenomena.