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The Best Clubs To Join As An English Major At Hofstra

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Joining clubs when you come to college seems like the most quintessential part of “college life.” As an English-Publishing major, I’ve found myself to be very participatory in all things English that Hofstra University has to offer. If you’re coming to Hofstra with the intent of being an English major, or even just thinking about it, here are the six clubs that you can join on campus.

Hofstra English Society

Hofstra English Society is the touchstone for all things English at Hofstra. Meeting every Thursday at 8 pm, they play literary games and host an hour of writing workshop after the club meeting (not required to attend) where you can have people read your work and offer their opinions. Most recently, they hosted a Murder Mystery for Halloween where the E-board was murdered and the four teams had to find them and their murderer before joining together at the end for a party.

Working Title

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, this is the name of this club, and no, it won’t be changing in the future.

Working Title is the writing club on campus. They are a new club, as of this year, but they are very passionate about creating an environment to keep people writing with the stresses of college. They are typically workshopped based with some presentations on styles of writing.


OverBooked is the on-campus Book Club. They gather twice every month to discuss a book that everyone voted on to read. For October, they chose to read Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo and every conversation they’ve had so far has been very entertaining. The group is a really fun conversation and is like a built-in group to vent when something dramatic happens to a character.

Font Magazine

Font Magazine is a magazine that is published by Hofstra English Society. They collect submissions from undergrads at Hofstra, ranging from poetry and prose to art and photos. They publish two magazines each semester and if you participate in both the “Big Boi (Selection) Meeting” and the Order meeting, you get listed as general staff for the magazine. Not only is this really great to have on your resume, it’s also a great way to meet a group who is passionate about publishing and making people’s voices heard. There is also an editiorial board voted in at the beginning of the year who comb through Font and makes sure it is absolutely perfect before it reaches anyone’s hands.

Growl Magazine

Like Font, Growl Magazine is published through Hofstra English Society. It is more focused in topic than Font and accepts pieces of poetry, prose, and art that correlate to social activism, feminism, intersectionality, human rights, and activism. It functions a lot like Font, with an editorial board and general staff, just in a smaller group. Both of these magazines are well done and I’m looking forward to when they get back to us in published form.

Her Campus at Hofstra

Last but not least, there is Her Campus at Hofstra. This club is the perfect place to write about what you’re passionate about. Though they have article suggestions, you can write anything (see: how many times I’ve written solely about books). They’re a really fun community and it gives you a published forum to write.

It’s not a requirement to join all of these clubs to be an English major at Hofstra, but they are all really great communities among the many clubs that already exist. If you are unsure about which club to join, take the time to go to one of their meetings, talk with the people attending (they will always talk back), and then decide if its the place for you.

Sabrina is a senior English-Publishing major at Hofstra University. Straight from Los Angeles, California, her favorite things to do are reading YA novels, listening to Broadway soundtracks, 5SOS, or throwing it back to all of her childhood favorites. She's got her best of both worlds in a nicely curated playlist. Follow her on Instagram @josephsonsabrina