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Best Make-up Trend: Matte Lips

It just makes you feel sexy!



Worst Make-Up Trend: Clown Contouring

There are better ways to archive a contoured look. 


Best Hair Trend: Galaxy Hair

When done well, it looks beautiful! So many colors!


Worst Hair Trend: Glitter Roots

This just looks itchy.



Best Fashion Trend: Maroon Everything

Probably the best color ever!


Worst Fashion Trend: Chunky Platform Shoes

How…Can you even walk in those!



Best Person: Misty Copeland

Ms. Copeland is the first African American principle dancer at American Ballet Theatre



Worst Person: Donald Trump

Who makes fun of a disabled man and half of the American population and actually thinks he is going to win the Presidency? This man


Best Movie: Inside Out

This had so many emotions. Literally and Figuratively


Worst Movie: Pixels

Video games taking over the world…nope.


Best Album: 25 by Adele

Get some wine, ice cream and this album and cry till your hearts content.


Worst Album: Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz by Miley Cyrus

Did anyone even know this existed?



Best Book: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Suspenseful and thrilling do not even cover it! Plus it will be turned into a movie with Emily Blunt in 2016!



Worst Book: Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

Who makes one of the best fictional characters of all time into a racist?


Best Pop Culture Moment: Caitlyn Jenner

Her story is inspirational to millions and brought topic transgender America to light.



Worst Pop Culture Moment: Zayn Leaves One Direction

Many Directioners were crushed when the beloved member of the world’s number one boy band left. 

Hey! I'm Marialena Rago from Philadelphia, PA. I am a junior journalism major and drama minor at Hofstra University. Alittle bit about me: I am a huge theatre fan...like crazy huge! I have my own theatre blog where I write about theatre and Broadway! If you are intrested check it out breatheinsingout.wordpress.com. I also write for a mazagine back home in South Philly where I am their theatre geek. So to say I love theatre is bit of an understatement! I have an English Bulldog named Winston who I love dearly. I am also a huge Audrey Hepburn fan! I read and write almost everyday...or I try to at least! Can't wait to get started writing for Her Campus as well! :D  
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