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Believe It Or Not, Getting a Daith Piercing is Worth It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

Daith piercings are just one example of how creative piercings have become over the years. This discreet piercing of the central cartilage of the ear has become more and more of a trend over the past few years, and the array of daith rings on the internet are all nothing short of gorgeous. It’s also a nice change from the typical lobe or helix (that is, the cartilage on the upper ear) piercings, which can spice up the overall ear look.

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However, it does raise a few questions among those who consider the piercing: “Can I wear earbuds?” “How long does it take to heal?” and of course, “Does it hurt?” While it takes awhile to heal (nine months to a year), and no, you can’t wear earbuds or airpods with it (or a stethoscope, if you’re in the medical field), this piercing is overall worth it. After having mine pierced for several months now, I haven’t missed wearing an earbud in that ear, and I don’t mind cleaning it twice a day. Additionally, as time goes on, I realize that spending those eighty dollars and that one brief moment of pressure on my ear was worth the relief I have been feeling ever since. The reason? This piercing combats migraines. 

As a migraine sufferer, there’s only so much Excedrin I can take, and I know that’s a common feeling among migraine sufferers. Since getting my daith pierced, I have noticed a major decrease in migraines- in fact, in six months, I’ve only had one migraine, which was much weaker than any migraine I’ve had before, where I used to get three or four migraines a month. Numerous others have seen similar results, with one writer on the A Magical Mess blog noting a 97% decrease in her migraines in a year, and a test done on 1,107 people by MigrainePal reported an improvement in migraines between 64% and 67%.  The daith is an acupressure point, so getting the area pierced serves as an “acupuncture” for migraines. Although daith piercings are not FDA approved, doctors have recommended daith piercings to their migraine-suffering patients. 


Overall, you’ll be glad that you’re putting some of the money you’d normally spend on Excedrin towards a more long-term solution, and the remaining money can go towards the daith jewelry. So if you’re looking for a new piercing, the daith piercing is definitely the one to put at the top of your list- not only is it a different and beautiful look, but it comes with the benefit of pain relief. 

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Meredith Julia Muirhead is a Drama major and Musical Theatre minor from Long Island, NY. When not found performing or writing, Meredith can be found either playing the piano, listening to Alanis Morissette, or drinking matcha lattes from the nearest coffee shop.