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As my alarm goes off in the morning the last thing I feel like doing is styling my hair. For many of us, getting up extra early just isn’t an option and if you’re tight on time, getting your hair to look perfect can be impossible. Well ladies, get ready to hit the snooze button tomorrow morning because I’ve got the tips you need to get luscious locks without the hassle. I sat down with hair stylist Joanne Sacco of HX salon in Hempstead, to get the tips on how to speed-dry your hair quickly; leaving more time for you to relax.

The process of styling your hair starts in the shower. When washing your hair, make sure to use an anti-frizz smoothing conditioner. One of my favorites is Frizz-Ease by John Frieda. The formula replenishes moisture and is safe for color-treated hair.  Also, make sure you let your hair air-dry for at least ten minutes and soak up any excess water. It’s important not to blow-dry your hair when it’s soaking wet because the heat can cause to split ends and breakage.

“Applying product is extremely important in order to protect it from heat damage,” said Sacco. “Also, make sure to apply products from your ears down to avoid making your hair appear oily on top.”

Sacco recommends using a smoothing product such as Moroccanoil before drying your hair. Another great alternative is Lanza Trauma Treatment. The leave-in conditioner will help treat your hair as you style it. Products such as these will help to speed up drying time, while leaving your hair less damaged. The less you expose strands to heat, the better off you will be. One of my favorite products for speeding up drying time is Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum. The light weight formula leaves hair shiny and healthy.

“Make sure to section off your hair as well,” explains Sacco. “The more you section off your hair the more control you will have. It will also give your hair more body.”

For better drying results, you can try using a nozzle attachment which helps to direct the heat towards a specific area. Using a ceramic round brush is also important. The ceramic brush will heat up as you blow-dry hair which will give off the same styling effect as a straighter or curling iron.  After your hair is set, you can go over it with cool air to eliminate any frizz.

Sacco also recommends using products if you plan on air-drying your hair. If you do air-dry your hair, try alternating your part so that more areas of your hair can be exposed to the air. If your ends tend to dry first, Sacco recommends getting your hair trimmed to remove unhealthy ends.

These tips will help you to obtain gorgeous hair quickly. Life can be stressful, but looking flawless shouldn’t have to be. 

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