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Beauty Blog: A Her Campus Review of Liquid Lipsticks

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’re well aware of the huge liquid lipstick trend going on. It seems that every makeup brand is coming out with their own line and many collegiates are left wondering which product is best. Lucky for you, we’ve tested and tried a handful of brands and decided to share some of our favorites!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip-$6


These are such a staple in my lipstick collection right now. Not only are they made in 47 different shades, but all these shades are to die for. The best part about these? They’re $6.00 each. Literally so cheap. And in case you haven’t heard yet, both Kylie Lip Kit and ColourPop Cosmetics are distributed from the same factory. If you’re dying for a Kylie Lip Kit and don’t want to shell out the money, you’re not missing much by purchasing from ColourPop.


My favorite part about the ColourPop Liquid lipsticks would definitely be the price. I am usually not one to buy a lipstick without first swatching it on the back of my hand, however the price allows me to buy several different shades to test out without taking a hit at my paycheck. I would say that the formula is a little drying, yet if you are just looking to start integrating liquid lipsticks into your everyday look, then these are a must.

**Featuring shade Stingraye**

Lime Crime Velvetines- $20


If you’re looking to point fingers at one particular brand for starting the whole liquid lip craze, look no further. Lime Crime is what started it for not only me but tons of other makeup geeks around the world. Although the consistency is not as thick as other brands, the product goes on super smooth and never looks streaky. The colors are unique, but there’s something in their collection for everyone. You can really only find these physically sold in major Urban Outfitter stores, but they are sold online at urban outfitters.com as well. I suggest purchasing them there as opposed to the Lime Crime website as there has been problems in the past with security.


I’d heard of Lime Crime for a while, but it took me a while before I made my first purchase with the company. After I got the hang of ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks, I gave Lime Crime a shot and ever since I have loved working with their products. The lipstick applies opaque which means it usually only takes one coat to complete a killer lip look. The colors are something that caught my attention right from the get go and I love that the company continues to create unique hues for a variety of skintones.

**featuring shade Fetish**

Kylie Lip Kit-$29 and $18


I feel like I had to put a little something in here about the KLK just because they’ve gotten so much hype. I’m truly not impressed. The first color that I absolutely loved was Exposed, so as soon as it was in stock I had to buy it. I was so depressed when it came in, and it was orange. This is an extremely warm nude. Some of these colors look better on her. The formula on the other hand wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t something I would rave about. Kylie Cosmetics will not take returns, so if you plan on purchasing a KLK, you better be absolutely in love for the steep price of $37+ a kit.


I may not be the biggest fan of KUWTK, however I knew that I had to get my hands on one of Kylie’s liquid lipsticks. My one and only shade from the social media mogul is in her metallics collection and I am happy with the product as a whole. The formula is a bit sheer and streaky, which means it takes a few applications but the color payoff and buildability of the lipstick makes it a winner.

**featuring shade Mary Jo**

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick-$20


I have yet to read one bad review on this product. On the Sephora website, it’s given 4.5 stars out of 5. It’s everything people say it is. It’s long lasting, extremely pigmented, and not nearly as drying as some other liquid lips I’ve tried. Girl knows what she’s doing not only with this product but with her entire line.


I am a huge fan of Kat Von D’s products, from her Shade and Light Eye Contour palette to her Tattoo Liner and of course, her liquid lipsticks. KVD’s shades have become iconic in the liquid lip world and the glide on perfectly with no flaking what-so-ever. The only issues that I have had with this product is that the color can bleed or feather as the day goes on, however the formula isn’t drying on the lips.

**featuring shade AGoGo**

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick- $18


Jeffree Star is still relatively new in the liquid lip game, however that doesn’t stop his products from selling out in seconds. I was so stoked to get my hands on one of his lipsticks and rock the hell out of his aquamarine Breakfast at Tiffany’s shade. I love the colors that Jeffree creates and his formula is thick, although my one complaint would be that his liquid lipsticks can feel a little “painty” during the application. I have only tried one of his lipsticks and I know that formulas can differ between colors slightly within the same brand, however I would purchase this product again.

**featuring shade Breakfast at Tiffany’s

NYX Liquid Suedes and Liquid Lingeries- $7


As someone who likes to shop on a budget and only buys makeup that is cruelty-free, NYX is a must have in my makeup bag. The liquid suedes are one of their most popular items and based on the huge variety of shades I can tell why. NYX is one of those mainstream brands that are taking big risks with avant-garde colors and I think that it’s really paying off for them. I love the wand that these lipsticks come with, for me I think the longer doe-footed applicator makes the product easier to apply. I have recently become a big fan of the Lip Lingeries, in particular the shade Bedtime Flirt, and I love that NYX is one of the first brands to create an affordable line of nude liquid lipsticks. Finding the right nude can be difficult, even for the pros, however the price point makes it stocking up a no brainer for beauty lovers.

**featuring shade Sandstorm**

Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme- $8.99


During the summer, I went to every CVS in my area in order to find the Milani metallics and I am beyond pleased with this brand’s take a liquid lipstick. The metallic flecks in the formula really pop on the lips, much more than my Kylie lipstick if I had to choose, and this one is half the price. The formula goes on smooth and thick and the shades are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. The price is something you can’t beat for the quality of the lipstick and my only complaint would be how fast these fly off the shelves!

**featuring shade Matterialistic**

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