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‘ASOS on Campus’ Hits Hofstra!

Hi Hofstra students! All of us here at ASOS Hofstra are excited to announce that the #ASOSonCampus program has now come to Hofstra. Your ASOS Hofstra team has some awesome events planned for the campus. Check them out:

Finals Week Stress Relief: We as ASOS know finals are crazy, so we’ll be running around giving out free stuff to make your finals week a little more enjoyable. We’ll be hitting all the top study spots, like the library and Hammer Lab. Plus, we’ll be sure to leave a few goodies in the student center for you all to find!

Micro-tactics: Micro-tactics are our favorite was to spread the ASOS love. We’ll be doing several activities throughout the semester to give out discount codes, ASOS products, and enter you all in contents for gift cards and free clothes—who doesn’t love free clothes? Some activities we’ll be doing include fashion spotting—picking out Hofstra’s best-dressed and rewarding them— handing out goodies at events and group visits to clubs, classrooms, and other on campus organizations. Want ASOS to come to your group or event? Let us know!

Now that we’ve got your attention with all the awesome stuff you can get, we’re going to take a couple of seconds to introduce ourselves, so you know who to keep an eye out for!

Meet Katie:

My name is Katie Day. I’m a freelance writer, fashion blogger and journalism student. I love all aspects of fashion, Starbucks, cats, high heels and Manhattan. You can always find me with a fashion magazine or book in hand. I’ve interned for Marie Claire Magazine, Long Island Bride and Groom Magazine, CollegeFashionista and I occasionally write for HerCampus! I am thrilled to be an ASOS Brand Ambassador this semester and I look forward to giving out ASOS products. Tweet me @katierday if you want ASOS to come to your club or event!

Meet Shurida:

I’m a 21 year old woman ready to take on the entertainment world after I graduate. Interested in reality television, music, and fashion are what makes my world go round. I’m thankful for the world of public relations because you can do PR in ANYTHING. Everything needs PR. Fall semester, I interned at Hot 97 and got hired part time as a Promotions Assistant after my internship was over. This semester I am currently interning at Epic Records as an Urban Promotions Intern. Becoming a Brand Ambassador for ASOS was unexpected. I didn’t even finish the application when it was due but was contacted and told to finish it and then got hired. I have a lot on my plate but it’ll all be worth it in the end. I’m excited to see what my future holds.

Meet Vanessa:

My name is Vanessa . I come from a small town in central Connecticut but have big city dreams of working in the fashion public relations industry in New York.  I have a fascination for ornate jewels, vintage photography and anything feminine and glamorous. Sometimes I wish I grew up in Paris in the 1920s. I’m a lover of lace, cameos and sweetheart necklines. Fashion has interested me ever since I was a little girl, and even though I’ve been through some pretty awkward styles growing up, it’s safe to say that I’ve attained one that isn’t going anywhere. My favorite trend is mixing and matching. Whether it’s two different prints, high-end with low-end pieces, or romantic ruffles with boyfriend blazer, it never gets old.

Look out for us handing out free swag on your campus and don’t forget to hashtag #ASOShofstra!

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