Ariana Grande Just Proved We Don't Need Men With "thank u, next"

Ariana Grande once again proved that she’s an unbothered queen. Hours before Pete Davidson confirmed their break up on Saturday Night Live, she released her newest single, “thank u, next” not even three months after dropping her third album, sweetener. In her song she blatantly names drops some her exes, from her ex-fiancé, Davidson, to her 2016 boyfriend Ricky Alvarez —who, if you’re like me, I had to Google— and says that she’s thankful for what she’s learned from them.

After the terrorist attack during her 2015 Manchester concert, constant hate from her sudden engagement to Pete Davidson and being blamed for Mac Miller’s recent death, we— especially the media— all need to give Ariana Grande a break. However, through this new single she’s shown us all that she's focusing on her musical grind and is ready for whatever (or whoever?) comes next in her life.

Ariana was unapologetically candid about every aspect of her relationship with Pete and since the breakup has revealed her next career move, confirming that a music video for “breathin” is coming our way soon (!!!). She’s even been teasing new songs on her Instagram.




tell me how good it feels to be needed

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#AG5 is coming soon ladies!

In this time of media constantly putting women against other women and making them out to be accessories to men, we need to acknowledge those like Ariana who have the audacity to say that men come and go and you can be better off without them. With anthems such as "God Is a Woman" and "successful", we all know Ari has no problem owning her wealth and girl power. Continuing with a new badass mentality, her new single tells us that she’s already moved on from Pete and doesn’t care what the media has to say about it. (She’s also about to start her US tour for sweetener, so she’ll be pretty busy anyway.)

Ariana also says that she's found new love in herself again now that she's single, which is a great message to young girls everywhere.

No matter how you feel about Ariana Grande, you can't deny that this could be her next hit. "thank u, next" is the new and improved "IDGAF", "Best Thing I Never Had", and "Shoutout To My Ex" all wrapped up in a three-minute bop.

Anyone with hate comments? Say goodnight 'n go, sis.