All You Need To Know About “The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina”

The first trailer for the new Netflix show, "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" is here, and it sure looks crazy! The show is a different take on the teenage witch we have grown to love. Despite the approaching premiere date, there are still tons of questions surrounding the series. Will it have connections with "Riverdale"? Will there be a crossover episode? What have they changed from the original series? And most importantly, can Salem the Cat still talk? Here is everything you need to know about "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"!

About the Show

Before we dive in to the trailer breakdown, here is some background information on the show you should know! First things first: this is not a direct reboot of the original TV series, "Sabrina The Teenage Witch". Yes there will still be Sabrina's witchy aunts, Zelda and Hilda, along with Salem and Sabrina's lovable boyfriend, Harvey, but don't expect as much fun and mischief this time around. The series is based off a darker set of comics also titled "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", which pursue a darker take on the character and her storyline. Think of this show as the same way they turned the classic Archie comics into the the dark and mysterious "Riverdale" TV series. Based on the success of "Riverdale", this show is sure to be a hit.

Since the show is from the same executive producers as "Riverdale", fans are curious about a potential crossover. After all, Sabrina is just on the other side of Sweetwater River! Unfortunately, no crossovers have been confirmed, but show-runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, shared a picture on Twitter of both casts hanging out, so there still is hope!

As for Salem the Cat, it looks like he won't be as present in this show. Why? Sabrina Spellman herself, actress Kiernan Shipka, is allergic to cats! Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa confirmed the unfortunate news in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. There has also been no news as to whether or not Salem will be able to talk, as he has previously in the comics and the original show. With the dark tone of the show, Salem's snarky and sarcastic lines could add some much needed humor! 

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Trailer Breakdown

The first trailer for the show, released this past Thursday, already promises us plenty of dramatic, scary, and witchy moments to hold us over until October 26. Let's break it down!

The trailer starts off with the creepiest version of "Happy Birthday" that nobody, except maybe satanic witches, wants to hear at their birthday party! We then get a look at some of the show's locations, including the Spellman Mortuary and Cerberus Books, which appears the equivalent of a Halloween and bookstore mashup. Perhaps this will be Sabrina's friends' hangout, similar to the Archie gang with Pop's Diner.

We get a very quick shot a Sabrina standing in what appears to be the forest, followed by Sabrina at a table by herself. Is she possibly waiting for someone to show up to her creepy birthday party?

We then get a glimpse at Sabrina's school life, as well as a brief look at one of her friends, Rosalind, played by Jaz Sinclair.

We also see what appears to be a magic school, followed by a look at some dark witches, The Weird Sisters, played by Tati Gabrielle, Abigail F. Cowen, and Adeline Rudolph.

We then get a quick first look at Sabrina's boyfriend, Harvey, played by Ross Lynch, as well as what looks to be a non-creepy, totally fun birthday party! I think Netflix has found its new boyfriend!

Sabrina and Harvey share an adorable kiss, only to be followed by a horrific shot of The Weird Sisters appearing to have captured boys in a cave. Did I mention that in the comics the witches are cannibals

Sabrina is shown running in the woods, possibly away from The Weird Sisters. I don't blame her, they're horrifying! We then see what could be Sabrina's diary, along with a bone-shaped pen, and the first look at Sabrina's warlock cousin, Ambrose, played by Chance Perdomo.

Next is a montage of several witchy moments, including a ritual in the woods, Sabrina walking through an unknown portal, and a goat-headed spooky demon (I'll let it explain itself). Sabrina is shown taking a bath in the woods for some unapparent reason. That seems very unsanitary if you ask me!

The trailer ends with all the characters, including Sabrina's friend Susie, played by Lachlan Watson, and her teacher, Mary Wardell, played by Michelle Gomez, sitting at Sabrina's creepy table singing "Happy Birthday". People did show up for her birthday party! Also in attendance is the creepy goat demon, which would not be welcome in my house.  The final shot is Sabrina serving us a creepy smile and blowing out her candles with her aunts behind her. The logo appears, as well as our first look at Salem!

If this doesn't get you excited for the show, someone's put a spell on you! Be sure to watch it on Netflix on October 26th!