All the Summer Trends You *Need* to Know About

Summer is practically here, and that means it is time to clean out your closet and update your summer clothing situation. It can be hard to know what's "in" and what's "out," but don't worry, HC Hofstra is here to inform you of all of the summer trends you need to know about in order to achieve your dream summer wardrobe. Not only are these some trends that we saw adorning runways during the internationally-known Fashion Month, but there are also some staple pieces that are flexible and chic. 

-Wicker Bags: These bags are *everywhere* right now. Basket bags have been pretty popular for a couple years now, but recently, my Instagram feed has been flooded with pictures of people in chic summer ensembles carrying wicker basket purses. You can find one for under $50 here.

-Bright Colors: Bright colors have always been a summer favorite, but this year, colors are being majorly emphasized. A lot of bright colors make you look tanner than you actually are, and they look super fun for the summertime. Helllooooo benefits! Stores like J. Crew, Francesca’s, and even Target have a great selection colorful clothing pieces.

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-Small, Cat-Eye Sunglasses: These little sunglasses will make you look fierce as heck without even trying. Put these babies on to get the perfect, classy summer look. Also, you’ll be majorly channeling your inner Tess Christine, and to be perfectly honest I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t want to look like Tess. My favorite store to find these sunglasses is Urban Outfitters.

-Espadrille Sandals: You can wear these with pretty much anything, and I guarantee that they will always make your outfit a little brighter. These relaxed, yet stylish shoes will help you achieve all of your Hamptons-goddess dreams. Not only are these comfortable, they are so chic and summery, and they add a super cute flare to any outfit you own. I found a cute, cheap pair by Tommy Hilfiger here.

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-Skirts: Wrap skirts, denim skirts, midi-skirts— you name it, it’s probably perfect for summer. Skirts are a cute and convenient summer option. They’re not too constricting, so you’ll stay a little cooler throughout those hot, summer days. My favorite place to buy skirts is Forever 21, mainly because they’re really cheap, but they also have so many styles to choose from. 

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-Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits are the solution to all of your lazy-girl summer outfit problems. Just throw this on, and it looks like you put a ton of effort into creating your outfit, when in reality, it really only took you .2 seconds to throw it on. I really like the selection that Asos has to offer, so go check them out!

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We hope that your summer is filled with lots of cute, Instagram-worthy outfits, because what would summer be without some photoshoots with friends? Here’s to an unforgettable, stylish summer!