All the Best Halloween Episodes from Your Favorite TV Shows

It’s October, which means Halloween is just around the corner! With the weather getting colder and the vibes getting spookier, laying in bed and watching T.V. shows and movies is getting more and more tempting. And with midterms coming up, this is honestly the best self-care routine. Here are some eerie episodes to watch this season!


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody - “The Ghost in Suite 613”



Honestly, this is one of the most, if not the most iconic Halloween episode of any television show ever. Pranking Zack, Esteban holding a seance, and a twist at the end? Paranormal Activity is shaking.


The Office - “Costume Contest”


This episode has one of the best cold opens in the entire series, with the entire office trying to figure out if Stanley notices literally anything, which he does not, except when the clock is changed to an earlier time when it’s actually time to leave, because why wouldn’t Stanley notice that? Also, Gabe dresses up as Lady Gaga, "In case you can't read m-m-my poker face. *only Gabe laughs*." Iconic.


Zoey 101 - “The Curse of PCA”

Zoey 101 specials never failed to bring the drama, the laughs, and in this case, the scares. Of course, we see Logan as the one to spark the fire and create the problem, but obviously, the gang figures everything out by the end. And as someone who was an avid shipper of Chase and Zoey, the scene where he carries her to the nurse’s office after she twists her ankle made my seven-year-old heart so happy.


That’s So Raven - “Don’t Have a Cow”

Vegetarian icon, Chelsea Daniels, accidentally eats a real burger, which can only bring chaos. From there on, watching the legendary best friend duo that is Raven Baxter and Chelsea Daniels slowly become cows will literally make you pee your pants from laughter. How do Raven's visions come into play, you ask? I guess you'll just have to watch the episode to find out!


Modern Family - “Open House of Horrors”

The always-chaotic multiple storylines happening in Modern Family consistently bring about cackling laughter with every scene. Between Cam and Mitch having problems with costumes, Claire trying to make her haunted house more kid-friendly, and Jay dealing with Gloria's pregnancy-induced rage, there is never a dull moment with this family.


Hannah Montana - “Torn Between Two Hannahs”



The Parent Trap who? Miley's evil hillbilly cousin is making every other Disney villain quake. And Oliver unexpectedly coming in to save the day at the end? Heroism at its peak.


Jonas L.A. - “The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse”



And lastly, an extremely underrated show that deserved more than two seasons. A terrifying tale with a double twist ending, and it's all narrated by the king, Kevin Jonas. Oh, and Nick winks at the camera at the end of the episode. You're welcome.


And boom, your Friday night plans have been arranged! All you need now are some Halloween Oreos and apple cider, and you have the ultimate self-care night, spooky edition. Have a happy and safe Halloween, everyone!

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