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Advice From Hofstra Alumni


On November 29th, Hofstra Communication students had the pleasure of hearing four alumni speak about their current jobs in the magazine industry. Hofstra’s chapter of Ed2010 put on the Alumni Panel to inform students on how to create their own success stories in the business. There was a huge turnout and a lot of advice given!

The four panelists were Gennifer Delman, Kara McGrath, Kaitlin Cubria and Dara Adeeyo. Gennifer is a Communications Assistant at SANDOW and a reporter for Ed2010, Kara is an Assistant Web Editor at Seventeen Magazine, Kaitlin is an Editorial Coordinator at Teen.com and Dara is a Web Assistant at Cosmopolitan Magazine. While the four girls have successfully found incredible jobs in the magazine world, it did not come easy. They each spoke about all of the internships that they did while getting their undergraduate degree. They interned at NY Magazine, Seventeen, Oprah Magazine, Glamour and Teen Vogue, just to name a few.

The girls answered questions presented by Ed2010 President, Alexi Knock. The first question was about how you can stand out at an internship. The girls had plenty of tips.

“Pitch content all the time,” Kara said. “It’s a great way to get clips.”

“Go to things like previews and screenings if you get the opportunity. It will show that you are a go-getter,” Kaitlin said.

Gennifer also lent some advice. “Play assistant. Think about what your editor has to do.”

Alexi presented another question to the girls: what can you do while you are still at Hofstra, other than interning?

“Her Campus and virtual internships! If you like a blog or a website, find a contact and make it happen,” Gennifer said.

Dara added, “start a blog” while Kaitlin said, “do Pulse-you can use your title from that class on your resume.”

When asked about how to stand out at an interview, the girls had plenty of ideas. When Kaitlin interviewed for Teen.com, she created a quiz on inDesign that looked like something that could be used on the website. Her interviewer loved it and not only wanted to hire her, but also wanted to use it for the site! It helps to go above and beyond.

Gennifer added that it’s important to “stay on the edge of your seat during an interview so that you look eager.”

“Know the magazine,” Kara said.

Gennifer also added valuable advice regarding keeping your social media accounts professional.

“Develop your own voice on social media but never publish anything that you wouldn’t want on the cover of the NY Times,” she said.

The girls also quoted the Editor-in-Chief of Seventeen Magazine, Ann Shoket. She once said, “Intern at a legendary brand and a start-up.” The panelists stressed the importance of diversity on your resume.

When the event wrapped up, the students were allowed to network with the panelists and find out a little bit more about how they got to where they did.

The four panelists have seen great success, and their tips were excellent for aspiring magazine editors. For more advice on the magazine business and internships, attend an Ed2010 Hofstra meeting!

Rachel is a senior at Hofstra University where she majors in journalism with minors in fine arts photography and creative writing. The Rochester, NY native is involved in several organizations on campus including the Hofstra chapters of Ed2010 and She's the First. She is also an RA in a freshman residence hall. Rachel has interned at College Lifestyles, Cosmopolitan, The Knot Magazine, and is now interning at Us Weekly. She hopes to someday fulfill her dreams of being an editor at a magazine. Until then, she is a dreamer, a wanderlust and a lover of haikus. Follow her on Twitter for silly and sarcastic tidbits @rcrocetti!
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