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9 Stages of Walking to Class in the Cold

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

The winter weather struggle has never been more real. It is always cold and going to class is getting harder by the day. Here are the stages that we all go through when walking to class in the cold.

1.     Checking the weather when you first wake up.

2.     Do I really NEED to go to class?

3.     I guess I probably should go.

4.     How many layers should I wear?

5.     I guess this is good.

6.     When you first reach the cold air.

7.     Halfway to class.

8.     When you stop for coffee.

9.      Then you finally get to class.

Congrats! You finally made it…. Until class ends and you have to leave again.

I'm a senior Theatre Arts Production major at Hofstra University. I'm almost always at rehearsal, reading plays, seeing plays, blogging about plays, or fangirling over plays. My likes include giraffes, Britney Spears, American history and coffee.
Rachel is a senior at Hofstra University where she majors in journalism with minors in fine arts photography and creative writing. The Rochester, NY native is involved in several organizations on campus including the Hofstra chapters of Ed2010 and She's the First. She is also an RA in a freshman residence hall. Rachel has interned at College Lifestyles, Cosmopolitan, The Knot Magazine, and is now interning at Us Weekly. She hopes to someday fulfill her dreams of being an editor at a magazine. Until then, she is a dreamer, a wanderlust and a lover of haikus. Follow her on Twitter for silly and sarcastic tidbits @rcrocetti!