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9 Shocking Moments from the Riverdale Premiere

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

I know we are all still thinking about the Riverdale season 2 premiere from Wednesday! Here are the moments that shocked us most. Warning, spoilers!!

Who shot Fred Andrews?

This was probably not that big of a shock considering Riverdale wouldn’t just have a random robber shoot Mr. Andrews, but this does reveal the big mystery of the season: who is after him? Was it the Serpents? Was it the Lodges? Or was it someone we aren’t suspecting? This sets up the whole season.

Archie and Veronica hook up.

So Veronica decides to join Archie in the show.. but did anyone else think this was a bad time? He was taking a shower to wash his Dad’s blood off of him. I was taken aback because his father is literally dying in the hospital and she thought this was a good time to do this?


Pop reveals that it wasn’t a robber.

Of course Jughead and Betty are back to investigating on their own. When they enter Pop’s diner, Pop reveals that the shooter didn’t even steal any money. He explains how the look in his eyes was much darker than a regular thug. So the shooter was there specifically to shoot someone, and to take Fred Andrew’s wallet. Archie makes us more suspicious when he says his father’s whole life is in that wallet.

Cheryl threatens her mom

While it isn’t exactly shocking that Cheryl is a bit crazy, her new attitude is a little scary. She threatens her mother telling her to go along with the fake story, otherwise, she’ll tell everyone what actually happened in the barn that night. She cuts off her air tube to say that if she breathes it’s because Cheryl gives her air. This is very threatening and makes us wonder where this part of the story is going to take us this season.


The shooter held a gun to Archie’s head.

Archie was holding back part of the story throughout this whole episode, it was killing me to know that piece of information! Finally, he reveals to his friends that the gunman held the gun to Archie’s head and Archie just froze with his eyes closed until the man left. This brings up so many questions like why did the man only shoot Mr. Andrews, not Archie as well? And did he take Mr. Andrews’ wallet before he left?


Fred wakes up!

Although we all had hopes that Mr. Andrews was going to recover, there was a part of me that wondered whether Riverdale was going to have him tragically pass away. Thankfully he wakes up to have a very sweet moment with Archie, telling him he couldn’t leave because he needed to protect him.


The Serpents kidnap a man in Jughead’s trailer.

While this was not the most shocking moment of this episode, we start to worry about Jughead’s involvement with the serpents. They said that with or without the jacket, he will always be a part of the serpents. This can also mean bad things for Jughead and Betty’s relationship in the near future.


Hiram Lodge returns.

While we knew Hiram would be returning soon, he surprises Veronica by returning early. The moment Veronica comes home to him is very shocking because you can just feel the tension in the family. This can only mean bad things involving the Lodges in season 2.


Mrs. Grundy returns

They end the episode with the biggest shock, Mrs. Grundy gets murdered. While at first it just seems like he is having another relationship with a student, the story takes a dark turn when we see the same man who shot Mr. Andrews kill Mrs. Grundy. Who would want to target her? And is it a coincidence that these are two people Archie cares about? Season 2 just got a lot more exciting.


Amanda is a student at Hofstra University studying public relations with minors in design and radio/tv/film. She loves to dance, paint, and experiment with vegetarian cooking. Amanda loves being involved in her sorority, Alpha Theta Beta, as well as being a volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters on campus. Additionally, she loves animals, environmental advocacy, communications, and event planning. (Please note that Her Campus nationals removed photos from articles that existed before 2019 and therefore my original photos are not included for those articles)