8 Tips for Having A Summer Fling

1. Be Open And Honest From The Start

It is what it is and it’s only for the summer. You and your guy should come up with a definite start and end date that you can both agree on. You don’t want to catch real feelings right?

2. Pick Someone Interesting

The whole point of a summer fling is to have fun with each other. Go on adventures and do things you would have never dreamed of on your own! Make the most out of the summer with someone who doesn’t bore you out of your mind.

3. Keep An Open Mind

If you search for guys outside of your normal type, you might be surprised at what you find. Oh, and no—this doesn’t give you an excuse to meet up with random guys from Tinder.

4. Friends Are Friends For A Reason

Whatever you do, don’t get involved with one of your friends. You’ve kept them in the friend zone for a reason, girl. Remember that.

5. Don’t Have High Expectations

Expectations can ruin a summer fling before it begins. You and your man shouldn’t assume you’ll end up “happily ever after” when this whole thing is over. If you stay friends, awesome. If you magically fall in love, even better, but if you never speak to each other again, remember it’s not the end of the world.

6.Always Stay In Control

There are thousands of things that can go wrong during a summer fling. No matter what happens, remember that you are in control of your mind and body. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to and, if you think you’re catching feelings, feel free to say adios!

7.Never Kiss And Tell

When you get swept up in something new and exciting, it’s hard to refrain from telling all of your friends. BUT—if you want this fling to work, it’s better off keeping it to yourself! Keeping things casual and on the down low will work out better in the end.

8.Keep It Moving

As the summer comes to a close, make sure you say goodbye. Whether you wanted this fling to help you get over an ex or you just wanted a little summer fun, you have to be strong enough to let it go. Turn One Direction’s “Summer Love” on in the car and move on.