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8 Thoughts We All Had Watching The Bachelor Finale

For Bachelor fans, the final episode of this season served as a hopefully final goodbye to the long-awaited Bachelor Nick Viall. We’ve seen him fall hard for two women, get rejected both times and once again have his gf stolen on Bachelor In Paradise. And what’s worse is that nobody would let him forget about it this season! But alas, he has found love and we couldn’t be happier. There were a lot of things in the finale that had our brains rattling though even though Bachelor fans received heavy spoilers prior to the finale…..

And *spoiler alert* but if you don’t know Vanessa ultimately won Nick’s heart!


We FINALLY Understand Why Nick is So Sensitive.

Besides the whole risk of Nick not finding love yet again I think we can all agree that Nick will go down in history as the most sensitive Bachelor in history. He was literally crying for more than half of this season. But he definitely gets his sensitive side from somewhere. Early in the finale episode we once again visit his parents’ home and boy is his mom a wreck. Whether she was on the verge of tears or full on balling, we as viewers also felt one teary-eyed scene away from losing it ourselves.

Imagine Waiting For a Marriage Proposal Like This.

I know I’m not alone when I say it is stressful enough waiting for a boy you like to text you back! You think he’s great but you also haven’t established whether or not you’re exclusive so this awkward in between time will have you checking your phone more than you’d like to admit. BUT IMAGINE waiting for a guy to get back to you on whether or not you’ll be engaged based on his feelings with another woman. This is too stressful.

I’m Exhausted.

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Now I finally get it, Corinne. There are so many heavy conversations in this episode of the Bachelor and it’s making me emotionally drained just watching so I honestly don’t know how these women do this every day. Thank goodness for commercials so that we got a chance to take a deep breather from these moments.

This is So Awkward.

I’m pretty sure this season most Bachelor fans were on the same page of knowing who would become Nick Viall’s fianceé, either based on spoilers or just instinct, unlike other seasons when fans are split 50/50. That being said when Raven said, “It’s the last time that Nick and I call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, it’s fianceé from here on out” I did a sad sigh because she’s so sweet but we knew it wasn’t going to work out. Don’t worry Raven, we believe you’ll find someone soon!

“The most dramatic season in Bachelor history” *Eye Roll*

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Chris Harrison’s favorite line is seriously getting old. Plus we all know it was Juan Pablo’s season, c’mon.

Don’t Give Up Raven

After all of the emotional barriers she went through this season such as saying her first “I love you” and actually feeling it, we sincerely hope she doesn’t give up on love. Hopefully she sees this as a first step in the right direction of opening up and finds a kick-ass boyfriend.

I Hope Nick Moves to Canada

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Can anyone tell me his actual occupation? I’m not sure what he does but I feel like he has the freedom to move. Vanessa is too established and rooted. Also, what would her students do without her?! She needs to be home and I hope Nick is willing to make that sacrifice or else we may see him on yet another Bachelor show and I can’t.


Her closing line was “Let’s. Go. Do. It. Literally“. Oh my, this is a “family” television network and I was NOT expecting that from her but go do your thang girlfriend. We support you and your future hubs.


Stay tuned for Bachelor in Paradise!

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