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8 Things To Do On A Long Weekend

We look forward to the first long weekend in the beginning of the semester, but we get lost in our school work to think about how to spend our time. Don’t panic, here are 8 things to do on a long weekend.

1. Check out the latest movie listings. 

Photo courtesy of Pixabay 

Call a friend. Grab your bag and share some laughs with actor, Charlie Day in Fist Fight.​

2. Grab the girls for Paint Nite and a few drinks. 

Photography by Alicia Zinn 

It’s fun activity everyone can enjoy. Luckily, you don’t have to be Picasso. A lesson in paint by numbers should be enough to get you by.

3. If you are into the arts, sculpture, and museum theme…. 

Photography by Bara Cross 

It may be a good time to venture to places such as MoMA, Whitney Museum, or National History Museum. Each museum has its own donation base cap. No need to pay a fee, but simply make a donation of between $5-10.

4. Head up to the Top of The Rock or the WTC Observation Deck. 


Photography by Annie Spratt 

Have you ever experience New York like a tourist? Just because you live here doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything.

5. Why not check out the indoor food and flea markets. 

Photography by Igor Ovsyannykov 

Everyone loves food and pretty things. One in particular that is indoors and has a great selection is The Chelsea Market.

6. You can score a cheap seat to a Broadway show by heading over to TKTS booth located in Times Square.

Photography by Nicolai Berntsen 

Cold wintry nights can be a drag. But, musical performances are great indoor events. 

7. Take a weekend trip! 

Photography by Averie Woodard

If you and your friends are edgy to get away look up local areas. Places such as the Pocono Mountains are not too far to spend the weekend.

8. Read a book, catch up on your favorite Netflix show, or create a spa day with an at-home facial.

Photo courtesy of Breakingpic

Lastly, maybe you’re not adventurous. You just paid for school textbooks. Funds are low at the moment. Some of your friends went home for the long-weekend to visit family, but you can’t. Why not turn it into “me time.”