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8 Emotions You Have Returning to College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hofstra chapter.

It’s that time of year again where we head back to wearing our college colors and leave our secrets from our hometowns behind. Whether you’re returning for yet another year of school or a newbie to the whole process we call college, we carry more baggage (literally) and emotions than we can fit in our trunk!


1. Mourning your summer

How many #tbt’s of the beach, hiking and crazy nights from the summer are acceptable to Instagram before people start to unfollow? Three months later and I am still in awe of how I didn’t lose my entire life savings making amazing memories with my friends! *Sigh* until next summer.

2. Savoring your last meals

That one restaurant that is conveniently located within your home where Chef Mom made all your childhood favorites is now miles away. Time to binge eat everything your stomach desires before you cycle between the Student Center, HofUSA, Au Bon Pain and Bits and Bites only to realize you’ve fallen into the same boring culinary experience as last semester.

3. Tearful goodbye to friends

Returning back to school the last week of August is torture enough since your countdown to return probably started in mid July. Now on top of that all your best friends, who you’ve known since your awkward stage, leave you behind and suddenly you’ve never felt lonelier. Get your tissues ready for next week when it finally sets in that you won’t see them for a while.


4.  Procrastination with packing

And the bad habits begin early as you scramble for 24hours trying to pack your life in a box. Like any good essay you find yourself asking, “do I really need this or should I leave it out?” Most times you will choose the former and bring unnecessary items to fill the already cramped dorm.

5. Excitement to see roomies and friends

This is the point shortly leading up when your group texts start blowing up and you realize the true reason you’ve been counting down the days to return. All the memories start flooding back as you print pictures for your dorm and you couldn’t be more excited to make more!


6. Secretly craving structure

Yeah your summer was amazing, but if possible you somehow managed to take advantage of your sleep this summer. Now as you return the routine starts to set in and you honestly don’t mind knowing that every day has been planned for you.


7. Awaiting freedom

In the 24 hours leading up to leaving for school you will most likely settle down and go out to dinner with your family, laugh and reassure them that you’ll kept your grades up. Although the promise shall be kept you still can’t help but get excited over the epic parties that await you the weekend before it’s time to get serious!

8. Saying goodbye to parents

This most likely won’t set in until after walking hundreds of steps back and fourth as you unload your things into your dorm. You will return to the car only to realize there isn’t one more bag. This is it for a while kid but don’t cry, people are watching. Just know that it is 2015 and all the communication necessary can happen if you make the effort!




Hofstra '17 Hofstra Chapter Vice President (December '16 - December '17) From a young age Naledi has been obsessed with all things pop culture and entertainment. Through writing for Her Campus she has been able to reach a large audience of badass collegiate women who share her crazy passions as well. Beyond Her Campus Naledi is IN LOVE with Hofstra. Her favorite part? The school of comm for allowing her to branch out and get a real dip into the real world prior to graduating. Additionally Naledi is one of those classic people who studies abroad in the spring of 2016 and won't ever stop talking about it! Her best advice? Go and see the world kids and fall in love with your major like Ali and Noah from the Notebook fell in love with each other.
MN native navigating NY one selfie at a time. Senior Journalism student at Hofstra University and current HC Chapter Advisor.